Sunday, December 30, 2012

Supply and demand.

Hello blog!
I'm sorry for being an irresponsible owner, for not giving you my time to update quite. You know i become busy from school.
I will try my best to write at least once a week by next year as a start of my new year's resolution. Happy? :) But that depends if i've got something for you to know. :D

Going back on the title now..

My MUST to do list for 2013 in random order:


It doesn't seem like we'll welcome 2013 with bliss and joy. I'm feeling so much of slacking and negative aura in this house.

I hope my 2013 won't be this bad and sad through out!!!

And by Jan.7th i'll be having prelim exams and i have been unproductive all my break time. Ugh! So much for procrastination here.

Im just using my stupid mobile and i cant talk much. sorry blog i havent updated you in long.

i love you though! ♥♥♥
Just wait and i will surprise u something. Teehee.

Happy new year anyways! Bang it! :)