Friday, January 24, 2014


Good news!

In relation to my previous post, the result was finally announced last night! :)
I have passed and is now a certified technical support for AT&T U-verse account!
That means, goodbye to slacking around and be very productive.

No more excessive breaks and chill times. Urgh!

Some more, there is a huge possibility that our wave/batch will be distributed and mixed with the other teams.
That's pretty sad, however, it is kinda good as well 'cos I would need not to go on every TGIF "drinking session!" HURRAY!
Since I might be a part of a new team, I promise not to be very friendly to others, just because I don't want to have this "drinking-bond" I have developed with my colleagues now.

And of course, I promise myself to be a better person this year,
and just get real mature and responsible. *Grin

Iam your Miss Independent, anyway! lol

So there.

More news to come!
See I am blogging quite than usual. :)
I have regained the little "writer" in me. Haha!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Are or just Is?

Dear Blog,

yes, I am blogging. Last night was a real surprise to me too.
So that is what I am gonna blog.
I just feel like talking this shiit out and breeeeaaaatttthhhe. Really.

So we had our much awaited chat certification in order for us to be truly useful and perform the job we signed for.
Unfortunately, I was listed to be part of the first batch to be certified. Hurray!
What we expected was just a common scenario that needs basically WFE compliance (WFE is a tool we use to troubleshoot). That is actually pretty nerve racking already. You know, just knowing that you will be graded and that someone is watching or is keen to spot every wrong (i.e. time, spelling and grammar) is hardcore heart racing!

Going back, the chat was basically smooth. I know I had few lapses but for sure I passed that one. But to our horror, right after the chat certification, we were asked to stay online and wait for another set of exam! Like WTF is going on? SERIOUSLY. It was very much unexpected! The thing is, it was an on the spot question and answer. However, we were only given 30-freakin-seconds to answer! Like hello? Aren't we gonna breathe and think first? WTF. We were totally caught off guard. At that point, I can be really noisy and annoying because of the pressure that we were put on. I may be the only one in "panic mode" but still, I think they should understand. Although I manage to answer the questions (because of some helpful resources), I still miss out answering two-effin-questions. :(

The whole time I was like, hey guys, I need help here too. I'm NO genius and you know that! Unfortunately, I was like feeling all alone. I was panicky, and all nervous. I was pretty much feeling hot in spite of the freezing aircondition!

Bottom line is, I was able to "know" who are (I think it's just an "is") the people that are truly concern about me and that I can rely with in times of troubles, how much more in times of fun right?

This situation was a complete surprise, that the friends you thought was real enough to support you will let you down in times that you need them. How cool is that? It's not a first time, but still, it is very disappointing.

Going back to the result, I don't know yet. We will know that tomorrow. I have this bad feeling that I didn't do well hence I will fail. (Please don't!) I was basically copy/pasting and I am sure that the "juror" can sense that. It was really tough. We finished by 1am. I tried to get sleep at our office's sleeping quarters, I tried rolling in bed for two hours and yet at 4:30AM now I am still awake and blogging.

It was just the first level, we will be facing another one if we're able to pass this one and another two if we fail. :(

Okay. I've said it enough. I think I will just go home. It's not that dangerous to commute now, I hope.

I will update you again, blog.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014



To start my new year off, I have decided to hit the gym as much as I can!

YES! I've found a good friend that likes to trim down too!

So I think I'll frequent the gym. :)

My goal is to tone up that rockin abs like Miley's. Harhar.

Some says I don't have to lose weight anymore since I am already "slim".

But what the heck? It's my body and I am still uncomfortable with it!

Anyways, this is just one step to maturity, I guess.

That's all. Bye!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letting go of 2013.

I've had numerous memorable experiences this year that I'm sure I won't forget for life.

I've been through times when I feel down and nothing but a complete nonsense. However, with the things that happens to me this year, I've learned not to waste my time with people who are not worth my attention. I have bear in mind not to give a damn to whatever criticism I would get from narrow minded people. Hence, this year I've started to live my life with much less care to unimportant wiseacres that surrounds me. So, the hell with those who has nothing good to say but to expose the crab mentality inside them, I won't flip a finger to you no more. [May you just rest in peace. JK.]

Apart from that, I am also grateful to met some of the amazing person in the world,
which I will certainly cherish forever...

Aah! Thinking about the FUN times I had makes me don't want to let go of 2013...
This has been my year. I stumbled and fall, and now I am back on my feet.

I've also moved up to being a career woman. Yes, a WOMAN.
I admit I haven't set my goals yet, and still indecisive of what I REALLY want.
I'm working on it!

I have a short term goal though, which I won't tell.

Now, whatever awaits in 2014 , I just hope to grow-up more and be the mature Christine I have always wanted to be. I have not listed down my resolutions yet, but that's just nonsense since I haven't really able to do them.

I promise to be a much better person.

To cut all the sht off,
2013 is my favorite year to date, and will always be one of my favorite year for life. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ^___^ 

I miss you blog. I've been nothing but a lazyass to update you. I love you though! <3

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Supply and demand.

Hello blog!
I'm sorry for being an irresponsible owner, for not giving you my time to update quite. You know i become busy from school.
I will try my best to write at least once a week by next year as a start of my new year's resolution. Happy? :) But that depends if i've got something for you to know. :D

Going back on the title now..

My MUST to do list for 2013 in random order: