Sunday, December 30, 2012

Supply and demand.

Hello blog!
I'm sorry for being an irresponsible owner, for not giving you my time to update quite. You know i become busy from school.
I will try my best to write at least once a week by next year as a start of my new year's resolution. Happy? :) But that depends if i've got something for you to know. :D

Going back on the title now..

My MUST to do list for 2013 in random order:

1. Learn to drive a four wheels! ★★★★★
Seriously, i've been wanting this all my life! My uncle doesn't want to teach me though, and since he sold his car ast year, how am i suppose to learn now?! My eagerness to drive is also driven bcos of my father. Back in Sg he'll ask me if i already know how to drive! And i wish i can! He might allow me to drive his sedan!! <grins> However though, spore traffic is way too strict for a tourist let alone a newbie and really confusing since it have so many linking roads and streets! Anyways, im gonna find a driving school andsave for it! lol.

2. Lose some more weight! ★★★
Hmm. I am 48kg right now. My target is 45! hahaha!  i know that's a bit light already. I think im having the anorexic syndrome. lol. :)) Nah.. I just want to be skinny, though ppl around me protest to that saying it doesnt fit me and it'll just make my oval face ugly with all the inangular bones! Still.

3. I'd love to form an abs! ★★☆
I always want a flat stomach and it pissed me off seeing a little bump of alcohol-drinking-effect on it! My fault i know. Thats why i'm not drinking a lot anymore. I wish the bump will vanished, its too ugly for my own eyes. >.<

4. Endure the urge to cut my hair! ★★★★
Yes! Long locks has been my dream ever! And right now, my locks has been the longest i have since birth! ^^ The only prob is, it has been wxposed to chemicals so the tips is quite dry. It doesnt matter. :p I'll contented cutting just my bangs since i can't live without it! haha!

5. Find a man, I can call MINE! :) ★★
I've been single for ages. And i miss having someone to vent all my frustrations! lol. Nah.. Just someone i can be happy with and who can be happy with me given the fact that i'm moody and inexperienced!! HAHAHA!!! This one is just a bonus though, i wouldn't want a distraction with my studies. So i dont need a pain in the ass needy man than me. *Bleh!

2013 Resolutions :

1. Strict food discipline!!!! ★★★★★
I am the type who doesn't prefer food over shopping

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