Sunday, December 30, 2012

Supply and demand.

Hello blog!
I'm sorry for being an irresponsible owner, for not giving you my time to update quite. You know i become busy from school.
I will try my best to write at least once a week by next year as a start of my new year's resolution. Happy? :) But that depends if i've got something for you to know. :D

Going back on the title now..

My MUST to do list for 2013 in random order:


It doesn't seem like we'll welcome 2013 with bliss and joy. I'm feeling so much of slacking and negative aura in this house.

I hope my 2013 won't be this bad and sad through out!!!

And by Jan.7th i'll be having prelim exams and i have been unproductive all my break time. Ugh! So much for procrastination here.

Im just using my stupid mobile and i cant talk much. sorry blog i havent updated you in long.

i love you though! ♥♥♥
Just wait and i will surprise u something. Teehee.

Happy new year anyways! Bang it! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

October 31st of 2012

hi blog!! :)

Just a quick post to greet you and everyone who passes by and those who just get lost here, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have u readied ur candies for the anual treat or tricks? And have u had your costume ready for the party?

Psh. I miss Sgp! I was there last year during halloween and it was awesome! Specially at clarke quay where most party goers even tourists were in scary halloween costume! I lost my phone there last year, was dead drunk man. Epic!

Anyways, i was surfing the android market and found this cool app called zombiebooth. Go and search it too! It will make ur picture a zombie and its in 3D too! haha.

Its sembreak time, and unlike every student, i'm just staying indoors. What's new anyways?:O

So this is getting long huh.
I'm gonna bounce now.
I wish to show you here my zombified photo but my lousy mobile internet is so slow! ★_★
K bye.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Singapore Trip 2012

Hello blog!
I couldn't update you in the past, ikr. I'm sorry!
So yea, as what i've titled you, I went to Singapore for a quick visit. Hurray!
It was so sudden that I, myself, dint able to announce it to the world. LOL!
Dad called, and out of nowhere, asked me if I want to visit Sgp for mooncake festival. I was super surprised and thrilled that I dint think about school conflicts. So i quickly said "YES! OF COURSE!" and the rest was epic. Haha!

I wouldn't tell you what happened each day. :D
I've met some friends while I was in town. Too bad I dint able to meet everyone that I wanted to hang with. Pretty sad though, but I guess I'm not as special to them anymore for them to make time and see me. I wasn't even asking for a day man! Still, I was taken for granted. Sighs. You know what, I'm kinda of annoyed of myself for being a rather clingy to ppl who became good to me. I don't know! I have to CHANGE and learn to just play along and not see things the other way around, right? :)


So here you go, pictures! ^___^

 Mrt! I've learnt to use it. :)

The lanterns are so pretty! :) They are actually the major reason why dad asked me to come over to Sgp, just to see these piece of cartoons! lols.

My dear blog, I wanted to talk more but i'm quite sleepy now. The bed is calling me~ (-_-Zzz

Talk to you soon.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quick Hi!

Ohh my blog Why i so miss you!!!
It's been a roller coaster week for me.

I think imma update you soon!
But for now, I need to cram on my shitloads of papers first!
So after the fun and freedom, here goes the expense of leaving school behind!

Anyways, in two weeks time sembreak is fast approaching! Yipee!
I'll talk to you soon.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Uniform.

Why hello!!!
It's been a long while. I miss you blog! ♥

Sorry for keeping myself away the past weeks. The student me, was and is still busy with school stuffs.

Today, I want to show my, little precious uniform! LOL. And yes, we got uniform!!! I know it's abnormal? I mean, in all universities around the globe, I think it's only Philippines who got  "university" school uniforms. Dafuq right? Actually, evry college department differ. Anyways, it's beneficial to us though. I mean, we don't have to think of what to wear each crappy day!!! Haha. And specially for girls, it's insane to think of what to wear daily! Agree? It's more time consuming then studying your, let's say, accounting subject? Lol.

So, this is our blouse paired up with a navy pencil skirt. :) You do the, uh, imaginations? lol.
Say hello to pauline [my bear at the back]!

Our wash day shirt! Which we wear evry thursday! Evry freakin thursday!
And of course, my forever treasured ID. ♥

So well, these days, i'm working on reading. YES! I never thought I would be so engage in reading books this much. HAHA! Well, not really a "book", but a novel. ^^ I started reading TWILIGHT over the weekends, and wrapped up NEW MOON [since class was suspended yesterday due to some southwest monsoon rain! I read it up the whole freakin day like maddddd! ♥] as well! Both stuck in my nose In barely a week! I'm a freak right? LOL. I just don't like stopping until i finish, though that wouldn't happen unless I won't sleep like a vampire when reading. Lols.

 Evidently, the book was borrowed from my Uni Library. :)

Now, I can't wait to read on ECLIPSE. Tried to borrowed it today but somebody got it first, it's due tomorrow though. So I must anticipate! :)

School Scen
tta bounce.

Socsci exam [which is apparently, ridiculously late of all] tomorrow. :)


Friday, July 27, 2012

Lets do the first day high!!

Long time no updates from me. Forgive me blog. You know I've been busy in school..
Speaking of school, we just had our prelim exams. Though I still have upcoming exams this week, they're just minor subjects nonetheless, I still need to review. :)

Blog, can you keep a secret? :)
I stole our accounting test sheet! Shush!
Well I was really upset and frustrated that I wasn't able to balance the problem during the exam!!! And my reason for not returning the questionnaire AFTER the exam is that I WANT TO ANSWER the problem again and balance the accounts!!! I can't be a loser you know right? I know I can balance that crap if there's NO time pressure. =__= And tell you what? I manage to balance it [at home] after 2 attempts! Bwahahaha! :)) Happy much! ^__^

Back to the topic of this blog, my university held an acquaintance [Oh crap, I thought the spelling was double 'c'! See.. I'm so dumb!] party last night! The theme was "First Day High" [a local movie, you can google if you're curious!], but it dint turn-out so well. Most of the students din't followed the theme, and din't bother to dress up! So effin sibeh! Oh well, I guess they kinda figured out that the "party" isn't going to be a "real" party after all. -_-

Last night was like some award ceremony and dance show event [8-10.30pm]. And when the "dance" time kicks in, it's darn nonsense! The students were dancing like, they're not dancing at all!!!! O_O Everybody was just jumping as if they are in some concert event, and the others were running circularly linked with each other,wtf are these ppl doing right?!? I know. -_- Enough said.

Thankfully, Andrea accompanied me, and stick with me until we call the night end. :) She even did my hair and make-up. Thanks babe, you're the best! ♥♥♥

So here are the photos we took.

The gorgeous and hawty, Andrea. ♥

 My outfit.
Dress-no brand, shoes-Primadona, watch-lacoste [cousrtesy of Ken], clutch-no brand.

After the party we went to Magellan bar to chill and fortunately met Andrea's friends. :)

The performer that night even asked us to go up on stage and serenade me and andrea. wtf! He keeps on calling my name. -_- And yea, basically, that's all! Got home at 3am. Not drunk, not tipsy. Just had a bottle. Slept at 5am then woke up 7.30. O.O


Thursday, July 19, 2012

I was emotionally wrecked last July 16th.
It has been like a mournful day in my life, where I should be celebrating with delights.

I smiled from the greetings I've received, yet I felt miserable deep within.No matter how I try to deceive myself, I still feel incomplete each passing day.Life goes on, yea. I go on meaningless...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Twenty poor

I am turning twenty-poor tomorrow! Waa!
Why so fast? T^T

And honestly, until now i've no plan of how will it be..
I mean, i have classes until 7pm!!!
and i'm just so broke to host/threw a bash for myself. lol.


What are birthday's for?
I mean, come to think of it...

For me, birthday just reminds me of how my life became a mess of who I am right now. I've always tell ppl how i hate the day, and how much i don't celebrate it. Neither have even a slight happy memory of it. Sighs.

Some are too excited of their birthday, because they know they were loved since birth and wanted to cherish the day with their love ones.

Birthday is just a reminder of how much unwanted I am in this world.


Too much drama, I KNOW!

Cheer me up with birthday wish and greetings. ♥♥♥


Monday, July 9, 2012

Busy busy busy week!
First term exam on July 18th and 19th! Whoa!
Gotta read a lot like mad!
And it falls on my birthday week. BAM!

I need to buy myself some vitamins. -__-'

Ganbatte kudasai tin! ♥

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hacked and saved!

My facebook was hacked!

Somebody accessed my account and changed its email and password! wtf!
I found out that the email used was - fck you!

I'm so glad I was able to recover my account through Fbteam's Hacker security [something]! Thank goodness! Else i'll start from scratch again. No way!

So guys, be careful from allowing your fb account to be open from applications. I guess it's their way of getting your details to steal your account then do bad using it.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Future dilemma of a notorious heels lover.

I am having discomforts. :(
My calves and the back of my knees were hurting bigtime!!!
It's all because of my tiis-ganda mind set. Arrgh!

My passion for wearing high-heels is now torturing me. So baddd.
I feel like my calves is getting bigger and bigger and heavier each day. =( wtd?
I can't throw away my shoes and revert to flats. My style won't allow me...

Some more I always cross-legs! Aaah! I just don't know, it became a habit/manner I can't get off. :3 I am paying for it now, what more in the future? I foresee myself having hideous varicose veins, cos right now I already have visible spider veins. Waa!

Disclaimer: Photos from google. Wake up call.

Spider veins.

I guess 5-10 years from now, the back of my legs will look like this.

In the long run, like 20 years from now it will look exactly like this! What the F!

Mother scary, right? *Shivers* I am feeling the symptoms now. Huhu~ I need to be rich to afford varicose treatments in the future!!! Gotta study hard and get a great career! Aja!


Monday, July 2, 2012


I have so many things to review/read for quizzes this week.
And i'm still feeling groggy from previously. Aarrrgh!

I feel like I have gotten myself gastric ulcer. =(
My stomach has been hurting recently. Ohh my.

So this is what I got from drinking too much. And i'm paying for it bigtime. Awwts!

My birthday is coming, two weeks from now. So how?
Anyways, i've nothing to offer. And nothing to expect.

Gotta erase this shit in my thoughts! I need space for more study-related-memory.



Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just some fierce eyeliner in the house - Part 2

Another photo for you to practice that eyeliner-drawing skill. :)
Like the one I posted here.

Aaahh! ALL of them look stunning! Select what the event needs, and how your dress looks. ^^ Goodluck! Hope your eyeliner won't smudge. Teehee. :))


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fuel to the fire.

Just a day after we had a blast of undying liquor flows, we three meet-up again! 6/28/12. Primarily because Kaycee needs to attend a meeting with her "Royale club".

I firstly met with Andrea. Together we met Renz and his friends, just to kill time while waiting for Kc. We moved to different bar [Magellan]. I met up with my previous boss there [before Andrea] cos he was asking me a favor to attend a bidding the ff day! I can't refuse though. -__- Fortunately, when we arrived there, my exboss wasn't around anymore, but his colleagues were still drinking over and they noticed me. -__- They even gave us a free drink in our table, but we insist food instead. =) HAHA!

10pm, finally saw Kc. She fetch us and get our ass moved quickly to Old37 cos her "Royale club" members are waiting for us! Wtheck!

I was wearing a K-pop-kinda-get-up that night! =__=!!! Whilst these ppl were wearing casual clothes. My baddd. We had a little dinner with them, and a little bit of booze too [Bacardi Apple and a slight zip of Lights]. They were talking about their business and we feel so outside of the circle, unable to relate with the topic but seems like they want to sign us in with them, but NO thanks pls. We're broke pls. lolols.

Spot me! :))) [Fr kuya nicol's fb.]

The guy's present were 90% good lookings! *Kiligs! Bad picture quality though.

Lasted there for until the bar closes at 1am. Andrea, Lyka with her bf, and I did nothing the whole time. So lame. Thank you for the faces though, they made us feel full anyways. :)

 Outside Old37. It's better to chill outside. The couch is darn soft!
Plus look at my freakin BIG legs! What the fck have I done with you? =__=

After Old37, we were suppose to go to Maharlika Bar. That day has a fair jinx. All bars were closed!!! So our last option was to check-in a lounge for us to drink and for them to rest over night. We checked-in at Tokyo suites, and NO, your thoughts is soo dirty plsss...

Me, Kaycee, Andrea, drink with Sir Adrian, Raffy, and 1more. While Lyka and her bf were cuddling inside. :) We drank Cuervo, while the boss's drank Jayson Mason [wtf. I forgot the name but it is some kind of a wine].

All through out the night we talked STILL about the royale club. Aaah! I want to pass-out now. Though the guys were cracking some jokes, still. I was like a statue that time, and they noticed that. I dunno why, just that I've nothing to say? LOL! I was disturbed by the time that flew fast.

But because I have compromised with my exboss to represent him for the bidding, I needed to go ahead first. And that just ruined the night, as they all stopped the drinking. Kc and Raffy gave me a ride cos it was freaking 4:30am already and there's no more trike awake in town!

And guess who/what welcomed me home?

Waa! That's the first time I heard and saw him yell to me like a mad bull! T_T
He was cussing on me. T____T Fml.
He know's that I have prior responsibility to attend in Pampanga [the bidding] and what made him super at rage was me coming home 4:40 freakin A.M dude, with the smell of alcohol and the fact that we went home lurching the other night too. And I have to leave by 5:30am, for the bidding to get there in time. The only thing I can do is to turn my back on him [while cursing on me] and move quickly to my room and grab the towel and bathe! Why so bad, ikr. I have to russssh no!

I dint slept. Slept on my way back home a little. Dint ate properly. Had very little food in my stomach for the whole day! And forgot to mention, I haven't eaten properly since Wednesday due to my hangOver. It killed my appetite.

So the moment i'm home, I just changed and faint in my bed! Hibernate from 6pm to 6am!!! Fml. And again dint manage to fill my stomach. Ouch.

The ff day, I wake-up without my uncle and cousin at home. I went to the office to report about the bidding. And now I dunno what's waiting for me. I heard my uncle is still very much angry. Fml. I can smell that i'm going to be kicked out. Dafuq.

Friday, June 29, 2012

6/25/12 Wedlock after parteyyy with myloves! ♥

I do not know how to start, and where to start!
A lot has been happening to my life, but I just don't have a good memory to start sharing things. Alas! Anyways, I have met myloves twice this week! Happy much. =)))

Firstly, we meet-up because ate grace tied the knot with her long-time bf! [Best wishes ate Grace!!! ♥ Keep the fire burning and make a lot of love! Hee!] I manage to steal the photos from the incharge wed-photographer. And here they are.. ;)

 With the bride and the groom. :)

With myloves. ♥♥♥

We actually arrived late. I came from school, while Kaycee fetched Andrea from far away. The reception was almost out of ppl. But at least we were able to greet the newly weds! :) It was one of a kind wedding. It's a twin wedding! Haha! The groom's were really twins in real life. :)

After the wedding, we head to the bride's house to eat a little since we're late from the reception. Quick mush, we head to our recent favorite bar [Old 37] to partey a bit. Supposedly, it was just a "party a bit" drinking session. But it turned out we getting crazzzzy drunnnkkk!

We had 3bottles of Smiroff vodka, and a bottle of Bacardi mojito. :) We couldn't drank it all, so 1 bottle of Smirnoff was left. Needless to say, we had ENOUGH [enough to make us threw-up and staggering!]. I've NO vivid memory of what happened the time when we're already drunk. -_-" Andrea and Kaycee slept over my house, but I don't even know until I woke up and saw them lying beside me! HAHAHA!

Based from their stories, Kaycee threw up in front of my uncle. -_- And Alvin drove us home cos she can't held the wheels anymore. I had no idea at all! =__=" We had a drink with some new found friends from Kaycee's circle. I din't caught my first class that day due to hangOver. But I manage to reached my afternoon class [thanks myloves for driving me to school!] in accounting, though I was groggy and couldn't even understand a single word. -_-

Imagine how drunk we were?
Have you tried getting all drunk? With ZERO memories the ff day?
That is so troublesome right?! The other ones are going to make a story about some embarrassing moments you had, did or did not. Count on Andrea [the story maker] when it comes to that! *rollseye*

Monday, June 25, 2012

♦Just some fierce eyeliner style in the house♦

Every Monday is set to be a business attire day for the students of CBAA. =) Therefore, Monday would be my favorite day of the week before sunday! ♥

I found this kewl photo in my newsfeed. It's a helpful one, right?
We gotta put on make-up too to achieve the fierce business woman peg! Lols.

I'd try to experiment all of the above when I got time to do so... Anyway, I usually draw my eyeliner the 5th one from the top of the right column. Sometimes the 1st one on the left. =)

From how I chose on the photos, obvious enough that I don't draw on my lower line. Because it will smudge later on even i use waterproof one! Then I will look like a panda, or some sleep deprived lady. I'm jealous of those who can wear eyeliner both top and bottom.

I also don't draw near my "water point" [Uh. I dunno the rite term pls] because my eyes is kinda watery like that ba. But I don't tear easily no. Err.

How do u draw your eyeliner? =)


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kee chiew!!!

So many assignments to do and books to read... O_O
Stat220, Acc100, Eng125, Mngt100, Fl100, BLaw100, SocSci100.

Oh student life. I should be in bliss~ cos I chose this.

Anyways, compared to how I use to study in the past, I think I get a bit responsible now. I mean, [before] I rarely read my book in advance or I rarely read books at all. Haha! It's different now though. Because I now know the value of studying. I dun wanna be a cheap class of a person in terms of "knowledge" in the future. :) I must be a reliable source of help in my chosen career! BWAHAHA!

Okies, gotta goes. Bookworm signing in. Blogger signing off [for now]. :)


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Comfort food ♥

Nowadays, school is exciting yet stressful.
Before school started, I have been trying to reduce eating to lose some weight.
For some months of depriving myself to indulge with fatty foods,
I am now back to pigging out! YES!

I feel the "need" to eat a lot these days due to my class schedule.
Eversince school started regularly last Monday (6/18), I haven't been able to eat lunch! My stomach is either grumbling or just hurting when it's time to digest. Fyi, [if you don't know yet] our stomach's digestive system normally functions every 4hrs. I ate breakfast between 8-9am then head to school to catch my 10am class. So breakfast is my decent meal for the entire day. I just usually stuff my tummy with cupcakes/candy/biscuit and a bottle of water in class. Poor me.

Needless to say, I feel really groggy and exhausted once I reached home. [Monday is so hectic one, 10-4pm then 5-7pm [wtf], the rest til 6pm.] Then I immediately check out the kitchen and you know what's next... =)

Anyways, since i'm not into diet anymore, my recent crave/comfort food would be SPAGHETTI! *yums* It has been my favorite ever!!! =D It's loads of carbs ikr, but heck, I LOVE IT! Just thinking about it makes my saliva flow and my stomach to grumble!!! This is what I always miss in Sg. Theirs is soo taste different, very sour tomato base.

I am also a HOTDOG enthusiast! =D =D =D
I just love to eat a whole pack of it and just get addicted! I really dunno why. Maybe hotdogs got some ecstasy drug sprinkled on their meat. No wonder why kids loves them! HAHA! Spaghetti got hotdog too, Filipino-style. ^^

I also have been eating 1cup to 1 & 1/2cup of rice!! Unlike before when I was on a diet, I only eat 1/2 cup or 1cup of carb rich rice per meal. I even tried to stay away from fried foods, though I can't. Hmfts!

Hopefully, I won't get be back to chubbiness body! Cos i'm gg to kill myself once more by getting an ulcer!

So, what's your favorite "fast" food?


Blues and bliss of a freshman.

Ohayou! :)
Hajimemashite. Doozu Yoroushiku!! \(^_^)/

Yes, I am learning the basic Japanese language for my FL100 class which will tackle basics of nihongo. How cool is that? Maddd love! ♥ Some more, our teacher is so so nice! I mean, she looks really gentle and weak, soft spoken and a very simple lady [though she's already married] like kind of a person. :) At first, I thought we could choose from Nihongo/Mandarin/French class, sadly the Uni only offers Nihongo for Marketing class. She told me though, that if i want to, I could attend Spanish class and sit-in with economics-students. How nice of her, ikr! :) Sadly, I can't.

Anyways, I thought first week of schooling would be easy... However, as I attended my daily classes, I have been feeling exhausted easily. My class scheds are toxic. Since I am an irregular student, I have been going to different sections different classrooms, and it's hard to fit-in the bunch!

I have 2subjs for 1st yr, 3subjs for 2nd yr, and 1subj each for 3rd and 4th yr! So i'm like an alien for every class wtf! And until now, I haven't got the chance to make friend with anyone. How sad. :(

For all the classes/sections I attended, I am always the eldest I think. They're mostly in 16's-20's and I am turning 24 soon, so age perhaps is really a barrier! Some studs I've had shortly talked with, says I look very intimidating, unaffable, and un-approachable [wtf]. I can not blame them, can I? I always had this impression invisibly tattooed [at least for me] in my forehead ever wtf is wrong with me?!

Age is really an issue. And I think, the way I dress-up also gives them this impression too. Yes I know that I dress-up very distinct in the crowd. I honestly like dressing up outstanding than anyone, but not to the point that I look like an alien! I like the "businesswoman look" kinda feel. Since I dun have my uniform tailored yet, I always wear like that. Therefore, students then thought I am one of the new faculty. Sarcastically, funny!

I hate wearing pants. I feel uncomfy with them nowadays since I have been used of wearing pencil/bodycon skirts for work. But [I think, at least in my observation] the major thing that makes me distinctive from the multitude [not just from my college but from the other depts as well], is my passion for wearing high heels! I get compliments mostly, but I can never be criticism free. :)

Most of the students seems to recognize me because of my shoes. HAHA! Imagine, they would look at the shoes first then look up to the person wearing them dafuq. HAHA! It is not easy to wear high heels and walk-on with them, I tell you. Specially when the road/path is rough/rocky. And every freakin day, I gotta walk for like 250m[?] just from the Uni gate going to my college dept on a terrible road! It's really a hard work you know. HAHA! My calves, soles, toes are all hurting at the end of the day to be honest.

Why wear effin high-heels ikr? You wouldn't understand unless you grow up kiddos. =) Let's put it this way, I go for fashion over comfort [unlikely, most of the time]. They say first impression always last, for that, appearance is always a factor. No matter how intelligent the person is, if s/he dress unfavorably, it impacts the impression / standard of the others whilst if the person is not as intelligent, s/he can look smart from the way  s/he  dress. Either way, clothing/grace has a great role or influence to ones personality. ^^ [WHAT THE?!? Are you kidding me? LOL.] =)) I like slutty clothes too, does that makes me a slut? Fml.

More about school.
We have been asked to make homeworks/assigments for some subjects. And being an excited student as I can be, I am thrilled and challenged to impress my prof with the grade/score I might get. So I burnt the midnight oil reading the books I got, researching, and then horribly write them down in a sheet. I have been sleeping for 5hours a day bcos of these. To my disappointment, every freaking assignment that is given to us, the papers were not collected wtf!!! So the effort of answering and working on them over time is not counted/graded, correct? DARNIT! So now, it gives me the impression of its-okay-not-to-do-your-assignments-because-it-won't-be-check-anyways feeling. Very negative impression right? Teachers, teachers, you're such a pain. You're teaching the freshman how not-to-do and just neglect the assignment given. Tss! Tss!


What else happened?
A lot. Like how I needed to change then add a subj and changes of schedules and hunt the respected profs, and getting photocopies, to bringing my laptop at school to access wifi for that freaking assignments, up to getting criticism for my highheels passion. Oh life! College students are FULL of Self INSECURITIES.

Baby. I don't give a flying fck to your shits.
YOU can NEVER BE ME, and I CAN never BE YOU. =)
[Read the above as with color too.]

Friday, June 22, 2012

Social Media Marketing.

Feast on!
Miami Heat Won the 2012 NBA! *Guffaws*
You're the man Le Bron James!!! [Salute]

This is buzzing around the social media network of course. Social medias have been gaining a lot of attention from what has been the netizens are talking about, or what spurs them to talk about. The social media became a powerful way of broadcasting the daily issues/trend around the world. Therefore, product brands have been using the internet power to market / make notice of their [uh] product/service to the internet world.

Anyways. Back to Miami Heat.
I saw this photo, on my FB newsfeed that was shared multiple times.

Characters: Boy Pick-up in cap; and Lebron James.

Boy Pick-up: Are you a detergent bar?
LBJ: Why?
Boy Pick-up: Because, just by your "SMELL"...
Boy Pick-up: ...(I can tell) you're a "CHAMPION!"

Note: Champion is a known detergent bar brand in the Philippines. Filipino pick-up lines is in trend here nowadays. :)

I can say that, the brand has succesfully earned the netizen's attention here by using the "talk-of-the-town" subject, and the trending "coolness of the pick-up lines". Easy, catchy, funny, and the characters themselves (the choice of facial expressions) makes the advertisement/photo clever ftw marketing! :)

Nice job. ♥

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am burning the midnight oil atm. -__-"
So so many home works that are darn long!

I just finished [well not really, I actually just stop because i can not absorb anymore and my brain met its limitation] answering my BUSINESS STATISTICS Exercise 1 that is effin bloody complex - to be sumitted tomorrow [time check 1:07am, or, so later!!!] and i still need to dig out solutions/computaions/justification of 5 more bloody equation problems wtf!

Now, I am researching for my management subject. Where it's like we gonna write a long essay, should i say a summary of chapter 1, when it hasn't discussed to us yet wtf! Self study? Just like that? Wth! Somemore we will have a long quiz about it, and I haven't reviewed/touched my book yet! T_T

Later, I gotta google about technical writing's relevance about marketing. :) I like my teacher in that subject btw!^^

Okay, enough blogging before I get sleepy and faint! URGH!
Updates on weekend!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Lonely heart.

One whole week of class starting today. =)
Gotta enjoy the first week whilst lesson is easy.
Surely, its soon gonna be bloodey! >:D

 I dunno why I always get this rash beside my chest mole. 

It's a chill night. :) Thanks typhoon butchoy! Pls rain only during night time.
Gotta sleep now. Early class tomorrow. Have a happy weekdays all. :)


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blazer Part II

Here are more looks on how to match our beloved blazers.♥
Learn from the expert. ;)

Visit her site and be wowed. ^^