Friday, October 26, 2012

October 31st of 2012

hi blog!! :)

Just a quick post to greet you and everyone who passes by and those who just get lost here, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have u readied ur candies for the anual treat or tricks? And have u had your costume ready for the party?

Psh. I miss Sgp! I was there last year during halloween and it was awesome! Specially at clarke quay where most party goers even tourists were in scary halloween costume! I lost my phone there last year, was dead drunk man. Epic!

Anyways, i was surfing the android market and found this cool app called zombiebooth. Go and search it too! It will make ur picture a zombie and its in 3D too! haha.

Its sembreak time, and unlike every student, i'm just staying indoors. What's new anyways?:O

So this is getting long huh.
I'm gonna bounce now.
I wish to show you here my zombified photo but my lousy mobile internet is so slow! ★_★
K bye.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Singapore Trip 2012

Hello blog!
I couldn't update you in the past, ikr. I'm sorry!
So yea, as what i've titled you, I went to Singapore for a quick visit. Hurray!
It was so sudden that I, myself, dint able to announce it to the world. LOL!
Dad called, and out of nowhere, asked me if I want to visit Sgp for mooncake festival. I was super surprised and thrilled that I dint think about school conflicts. So i quickly said "YES! OF COURSE!" and the rest was epic. Haha!

I wouldn't tell you what happened each day. :D
I've met some friends while I was in town. Too bad I dint able to meet everyone that I wanted to hang with. Pretty sad though, but I guess I'm not as special to them anymore for them to make time and see me. I wasn't even asking for a day man! Still, I was taken for granted. Sighs. You know what, I'm kinda of annoyed of myself for being a rather clingy to ppl who became good to me. I don't know! I have to CHANGE and learn to just play along and not see things the other way around, right? :)


So here you go, pictures! ^___^

 Mrt! I've learnt to use it. :)

The lanterns are so pretty! :) They are actually the major reason why dad asked me to come over to Sgp, just to see these piece of cartoons! lols.

My dear blog, I wanted to talk more but i'm quite sleepy now. The bed is calling me~ (-_-Zzz

Talk to you soon.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quick Hi!

Ohh my blog Why i so miss you!!!
It's been a roller coaster week for me.

I think imma update you soon!
But for now, I need to cram on my shitloads of papers first!
So after the fun and freedom, here goes the expense of leaving school behind!

Anyways, in two weeks time sembreak is fast approaching! Yipee!
I'll talk to you soon.