Monday, April 30, 2012

Three days logged.

I went at Larah's home after work to accompany her and baby raf for the night. We watched "Lie to me" a comedy-romantic Korean series that stars Yoon Eun Hye. ♥ I stayed there until her hubby arrived around 3:30am. I asked the hubby to send me home 4am for me to get proper doze.

Unfortunately i felt lazy and heavy to wake up and prepare to work. I texted my boss and told him i have LBM and excue me for the day. LOL. [But really, my tummy was a bit weird that day] I manage to sleep the entire day!!! :)) Yes! although i woke up 10am to eat then goes back to sleep after. Haha! I force wake up myself 3+pm cos i received a msg from KC, asking if i am free as she was in the town. We exchanged msgs and agreed to meet 6pm. But she was an hour late! We ate first at Daisy's Resto Garden, had some chitchat. We wanted to drink cocktails, but the bar dun have bartender, so we decide to change place. Billed out. [It was her treat for coming late!] On the way, we called Andrea to asked where she is. Fortunately she was at Maharlika Restobar where we exactly want to go! So we meet up there. Andrea was obviously going wasted when we arrived. They already had 3buckets of RH. We joined their table. I really don't want to drink beer ever, trying to save my belly. :)) We chose to drink Jose Cuervo, and bought a bottle. Andrea treat us crispy pata. But again, i couldn't indulge as i was trying to avoid fatty fried foods. [Oh diet life, is so boring.] Btw, we are 7ppl. I dint got high, or tipsy or dizzy. Nothing at all. [Whatta waste] I dint enjoyed the night, just thankful that i was with my loves at least. :) On the other hand, Andrea was such a happy girl. DRUNK and lousy. She puked when were about to leave the place. We left 12+am. We're supposed to send Andrea and her cousin home but Andrea refused. *OK* I manage to go home almost 1am. :) Exactly when power was shut down! It was a night of serious uncomftable sultryness!! The power regained 9+am.

I again slept the entire day! It was so hot that i did not touch my laundries despite of it being soaked outside from yesterday. Haha! Went to church 3:30pm. Initially i don't want to attend, but i couldn't. Oh well. God is good all the time! 6+pm i started to washed my clothes. Finished quarter to eight. Showered. Went to Larah's parents, it was her mom's 52nd birthday! Ate dinner there and went home 10+pm. I was sleepy despite of sleeping too much for the past 2days! OMG! What is wrong with my body clock this days? I sleep like a baby! My brain has been excessively hibernating! I always feel heavy and lazy, as a result. :(( Like a sloth. :(( I guess i was a sloth or a cat in my past life! I am lazy, admitted. *Sighs*. Anyways, this May, i might drop my diet! As we have 3birthdays to look forward. My sacrifice might went for nothing again. :(( But then, i've been reducing my food intake for a month and yet can't see any weight loss. WTF! I think diet is useless, counter with too much sleep! 

Back to my queendom. Sat on my chair, crossed legs, while blogging this. Hello boring life!
This is again an extremely boring day! In fact i feel like quitting my job. [YES! I just need a valid reason to walked out.] I just want to scream out of the boredom i get each day. :O Its more depressing than having yourself imprisoned, literally. At least there i''ll have inmates to talk nonsense with. *SIGHS* It's freakin HOT in my office even if the aircon is on! I feel like i'm inside the oven. Jesus! I prefer staying at home and supine and be a mother pig. Every blazing day just kills my mood and make my hormones mad! Bloody hell! Plus today i received two msgs, asking me to lend them money. Is there something in my forehead that says, "hey i am a walking money lender!"??? I am so BROKE that i can't even afford to buy tampons now! I am supposed to feel pretty every Monday, but i am just so fucked up everyday. I just want to go cut my wrist and forever be numb. #moody101



Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lately i've lost my enthusiasm in blogging. =(
Life is getting uninteresting day after day. SERIOUSLY.

The factor that is a MAJOR reason for this is the BLOODY SUMMER SEASON we are experiencing now in the Philippines! [Yes, unfortunately am here.] Everyday is like FREAKIN SULTRY, not actually, but more like BURNING from the BLAZING FLAME of ultra violet rays that goes deep within the veins! Gaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Wearing SPF lotion feels irritatingly sticky too!

EXTREMELY HOT like how the bible describes INFERNO!? [exagg much?] Temperature here is ranging from 33-37•C, WTF is going on MOTHER EARTH? Why like this? =(( Night time is also very VERY hot. Even you shower 10x you'll sweat right after! *swear!

But then, i wonder how the middle east ppl survive their HELLISH WEATHER? Plus they wear super covered clothes from head to foot [muslim ppl]. It's like their toasting their human body no? How numb. :||
I'll DIE the minute i step-in their country! [or somebody from there will kill me.]

Right now, i don't have the LIFE to share with you. *poutmax*
This blog might be utterly boring for you readers.
[Yea right, i sense your already yawning and will go back to facebook instead.]

Let's not make this nonsense long.
I'll bribe you with these photos i took before i had my fringe trimmed. =)

 Shot early morning, my face is rather swollen.

 This one is nice, eventho its blurry. ♥ #dreamyeffect.jpg

 Mad LOVE this! ♥♥♥ [ikr, my nose looks big! hmft!]


So there. Why do i put a little effort dressing-up trying to get that office girl look?
It's because my job is super boring [secretary here with handful of free time to slack yo!] so  if i won't dress-up I SUCKED BIGTIME!
I want to look somewhat professional?, so ppl wouldn't thought how much pain in the ass i really am. :)

I thought of cutting my hair to shoulder level btw, but naaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
I'll regret it max like in the past! My hair takes forever to grow. =( And i want to have really long hair, like waist level? That would only happen if i can ENDURE not to have it cut for how many years, i dunno. *Gasp
What to do with my dreadfully frizzy, dry, damaged, colored [badly needs retouch], hair?

That is why i needed the trimmed.  BAD HAIR DAY.

Please don't forget to put on some deo when you go out. It's really gross to see fellas wearing a shirt with wet underarms! [The fact that you ppl will soon have body odor, or perhaps you already have.]
Everyone, lets all be hygienic! It's the season of body consciousness! \(^>^)/

LOL. :))))

Friday, April 27, 2012

I was digging-in on XX's blog and found this.
I completely AGREE with her.

DISCLAIMER: This is not mine, i repeat. I just find it educating for stupid guys. So i will REBLOGGED!

Read and learn!!

We always hear "the rules" from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE!

Print this out and pass to your partner for a greater understanding:

1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it
down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us
[beep][beep][beep][beep][beep]ing about you leaving it down.

To him I say: 
Ah... You got us girls wrong. We dun mind it if u leave it up after you use it. We just dun like you to forget to lift it, and spray yellow urine all over the thing. We have to put our butts on it. You wun like it when we have big pimples on our butts due to the bacteria contained in your urine. It wouldn't look good with that sexy thong you like, no? 

If your gf demands that the toilet seat is down all the time after you use it, she is rather demanding. Perhaps you wud like to take a hammer, crash the whole bloody seat, and refuse to admit that it was you cracked it. No seats, no trouble. 

In any case, men shld shut up coz it is their own fault for having to stand up to urine. Why not sit down instead? This way you dun have to lift the seat up. 

You wun want us to try standing up to urine, or would you? 

1. Birthdays, Valentines, and Anniversaries are not quests to see if we can
find the perfect present yet again!

To him I say: 
Eh, whoever said it was a quest? Itz a mission. Fail it, and die. Can't take the challenge? Go be with a submissive donkey who doesn't mind having a special kinda grass to eat as its birthday present. 

Anyway dun you men want to make us happy? When you make an effort to take note of what we like and get it for us, it only serves to make us love you more. 

What was that certain model of Nike shoes that you loved so much? Light blue, boing boing series size 9? If only the shoe laces were black instead of white? Got news that only JB is selling it coz it is sold out in Singapore? 

We can make an effort to remember stuff like this, and purchase it for you just to see that smile on your face, why can't you make an effort to do the same? Surely you are not saying we are not worth your time and effort? 

If we have already said we dislike bright green stuff and u still bought us an alligator stuff toy, shld we not be disappointed? Shld we pretend we love the obviously effortless gift you gave? Please take note that the stuff toy is not a bad gift just coz of the bright green. It is appalling coz stuff toys are so apparently saying "I refuse to make an effort to choose anything else, which in any case would be something better". Stuff toys are for 13 yr old giggly girls. I would prefer a dildo. Not bright green please. 

1. Sometimes we are not thinking about you. Live with it. 

To him I say: 
Oh cmon. We know. In your mind, theres you wanting to play football, your friends, your beer, your (wanted or gotten) machines (be it cars, bikes, computers or gym equipment), other women fucking you, porn and you, you, you, you and you. 

Wonderful. Keep in mind the woman's mind contains stuff other than you too. We remember birthdays, we miss our friends, we fantasize a little about you best friends, we fantasize about the cute lecturers, we wonder if our hair is getting outta shape, our hips are getting bigger, whether the little kids in Africa are still hungry, shld we buy that dress etc etc etc. The list goes on. 

My point is that there's plenty more on the female's mind that the male's. Thus, dun worry about us getting angry you dun think of us. You shld start worrying whether we can squeeze any time at all for you. 

1. Don't cut your hair, Ever. Long hair is always more attractive than short hair. One of the big reasons guys fear getting married is that married women always cut their hair, and by then you're stuck with her. 

To him I say: 
Go buy urself a Shih Tzu, grow its hair very long and you can fuck it and stroke its long hair at the same time. Hopefully the hair stroking gives you a lot of pleasure. The dog is all urs, you can choose whatever u want to do with her hair. We are not your dogs. We can do whatever we want with our hair. I repeat, OUR hair. 

Not all women look nicer with long hair. You are just warped. 

U witnessed the popularity of F4. You saw their hair. It is rather obvious that alot of women think long hair for men is cool too. We love it. Can we force you to keep it long? 

I hear u starting to defend urself. Hot in Singapore, u say. Hot for us too. Look like sissy, you say. We say long hair=more money spend on Shampoos, dyes, styling etc. Not good. And we take longer to style it, and u blame us for being late again. Great. 

Theres nothing u can about the hair thing. Some gals just dun like it long. They feel MISERABLE when they see themselves having long hair. If u love ur gf you shldn't, because of your silly fetish, make her feel miserable. 

We are afraid to get married coz married men always starting balding and by then we are stuck with him. You dun see us complaining. We accept you men the way you are. 

1. Crying is blackmail. 

Can't help it when we want to cry, can we? You guys shldn't bully us at all. In any case unless u have an actress gf, when we cry, we are not trying to threaten you. We are really upset. 

Thinking we are trying to blackmail you is just convincing yourself that it is not ur fault actually, so that you would feel better. Please understand that for women, we are just more prone to crying, like you all are to impotency. It can't be helped. 

1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 

To him I say: 
You know what is paiseh or not? 

1. We don't remember dates. Mark birthdays and anniversaries on a calendar. Remind us frequently beforehand. 

To him I say: 
Fuck off lar, dun remember dates. When is the next Manchester against Liverpool match? What was the date again of the first screening of Star Wars, which is coming soon? Whats the date of the Jay Chou concert which u so badly wanted to go to? 

What makes u think women can just remember dates offhand this way? We are just human beings as well. The keyword here is EFFORT. We make the effort to remember, you shld too. 

Bloody write it in ur hp to remind u if u really think it might slip ur mind. 

So one day before our bdae, we are supposed to tell you, "Hey you know, tml is my birthday?" while u give that horrified gasp? 

We will end up getting an alligator stuff toy tml. 

1. Most guys own three pairs of shoes -- tops. What makes you think we'd be any good at choosing which pair, out of thirty, would look good with your dress? 

To him I say: 
Just ask your opinion only will die ah? How the *toot!* we can give opinion on which luo han you shld buy when we dun give a fish about fish? Just look and tell us whatever you think is matching lar! 

You only own ONE car, but if I gave you 30 cars to choose which is the nicest, I'm sure you can do it. Why not for shoes? 

1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 

To him I say: 

Think this scenerio: 
You: "Which tie goes with this suit?" 

Me: "Yes." 

You: "What you mean by yes? This one issit." 

Me: "No." 

You: "I think it is quite nice what, why no?" 

Me: "No." 

You: "Huh why lar! Coz it is too square issit?" 

Me: "No." 

You: "Then why?" 

Me: "Yes." 

You would like that done to you? In this case u can choose to just answer Yes or No. Not allowed to say why ok. Coz only necessary to say Yes or No. 

1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. 

To him I say: 
What if our gfs are not free during our worst times? Do we sob in self solace? It is wrong to ask you to just lend a listening ear, and empathise a little since you claimed you love us? 

Please take note of a thing. In any case before u start to help solving problems, do you not have to understand the situation and relate to it first before giving advice? 

We are just requesting for you to skip that last step. And itz only when our gfs are just not appropriate listening partners or are not free. 
Is it too much to ask for? 

1. Check your oil! Please. 

To him I say: 
You check your oil. We have little cute blue facial blotters and our Chanel powders to aid us in oil combat. What do you have? 

1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days. 

To him I say: 
There is no such thing. Too bad that its against logic to just forget information. In the first place just shut up about stuff u think will eventually become invalid and will be used against you. That will teach you to think b4 u speak. In this case you might choose to just say YES or NO to every question we ask. It is safer. 

6 months ago if we promised not to be late ANYMORE and 6 months later we are late again, do not blame us coz whatever was said 6 months ago cannot be used in an argument. 

If you think a comment might become null and void in 7 days, please dun say it. Else, learn to protect yourself by putting a disclaimer everywhere. 

Gal: "Do you think this dress looks good on me?" 

You: "Yes, but it might not be nice anymore if say you cut your bloody long hair,or - " *pause to roll eyes for effect* "become fatter." 

1. If you think you're fat, you probably are. Don't ask us. We refuse to answer. 

To him I say: 
Ok thanks for this. We know we are fat. When we ask whether we are fat, theres two reasons. 

1) We just hope that we are warped to think so and have someone confirming with us that we are not, and the weighing machine just broke down. And that dress? It shrunk in the wash. 

2) We hope to hear that although we know we are fatter, you dun really mind it coz you insist anyway that we are not. Which means you dun mind it, or didn't notice it. 

In these cases if we do not ask, and if it is the 1st reason that we wanted to ask in the first place, please allow us to breakdown and cry whenever we feel we are fat, which could be in the middle of dinner at some classy restaurant. After which you would naturally ask what is wrong and we would say "Nothing!" coz you forced us not to ask u whether u think we are fat. 

After which we would feel very miserable indeed to have a bf so unconcerned coz although we cried, the guy counterpart really took it as nothing was wrong. 

We would seek solace in other men who would kindly tell us that we are not fat. I'm sure their nice board shoulders would fit our fat faces perfectly fine. 

No all girls give a shit whether they are fat though. Coz I dunch. And if I ask whether I am fat, it is just for the 2nd reason. Since I dun ask and you dun comment, I would just assume that you dun mind if I am fat. 

Allow me my 6th chocolate creme brulee then. DUN STOP ME. I didn't ask you if I am too fat for my own good. And you refused to comment, so shut ur gap forever. 

1. If something we said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one. 

To him I say: 
When we say we are in love with another man, we meant: "You are too good for me. I suck. Thus, I shall give the job of taking care of a hideous, fat creature like me to another person. It doesn't mean I dun love you. It just means I discovered I love him more". 

We certainly do not mean "You are freaking fucked up. Your penis is too small, you dun have nice hip bones, you are BLOODY SELF CENTRED, and he is so much more concerned, caring and understanding than you are. I'm leaving u. Good riddence." 

No, no, we dun mean the second one of coz. 

1. You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done. Not both. If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself. 

To him I say: 
I want you to make love to me. 
I want you to put whipped cream all over me, and lick it all up. I want you to go in slow. I want you to let me tie u up and do a lap dance for you... 

Oh wait, stop right here coz I can't tell you how I want it done? Ok do it your way, missionary style. Dun blame me if I fall asleep halfway, selfish pig. 

Oh I certainly know best how to do it myself, of course. Allow me to spray whipped cream over my green dildo and lick it all up. I will do a lap dance for the blow-up doll. You watch in agony. 

Now fuck off. 

1. Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials. 

To him I say: 
So we are just there to entertain you whenever theres nothing interesting going on on TV? 

Gal: "Darling I feel horrible. I wanna just end my life. TV is more impt to u than I am! I can't even compare to a bloody TV! I am pretty much useless!" 

Guy: "Oh, sod off~! I am trying to concentrate on this baboon make love to another baboon here!" 

Gal: *Jumps off building* 

May be a little exaggerated but my point is, like OUR hair, itz OUR mouths. 

We try to not interrupt your fav soccer game (which obviously what the commentator says you can already predict) as it is rude. But please dun demand. Sometimes we just need to ask you what you want to be cooked for dinner. So we are supposed to wait 15 mins doing nothing to wait for your answer? 

We end up only cooking food we like, and you blame us for being selfish again. 

1. Christopher Columbus did not need directions, and neither do we. 

To him I say: 
Christopher did not need directions coz no one asked him to actually FIND America. He accidentally chanced upon it. Place him in Europe and ask him to walk to America and see if he can find it. 

Everybody needs directions. Even the occasional eagle with the bird's eye view needs to ask the seagull where to find that bloody rattlesnake who ate her eggs up. 

You dun need directions? Ok. We take away your road guide. We remove ALL signboards telling you where to turn and what road this leads to. We place you in a car. We ask you to go to a place you have never been to by urself. Can you do it? 

Of course, the smart you argues that signboards are not directions. Please take note I am rolling my eyes now. You just dun need directions from females right? Coz we are lowly creatures not capable of navigating ourselves around, unlike men, who are born with that instinct. 

Face it dude. Sometimes YOU get lost when you are going to our houses. WE know the roads. YOU dunch. So we are supposed to go ard in circles happily filing our nails while you spin about? Dun waste our time. 

But then again when you ask us which road to take after 2 hours, we will say "Yes/No." Thats a perfectly fine answer to every question. 

1. All men see in only 16 colours, like Windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a colour. We have no idea what mauve is. 

To him I say: 
Someone told me that men (which is a general term for all humans) can see 170,000,000 (number I churned out myself) colours. If u can only see 16, you are semi blind. Orange is a fruit too, not a colour. Whats that colour on the logo of M1? Dunno. The same colour as the skin of an orange. 

Whats your skin colour? Not peach of coz, its a fruit. Beige? Whats that? Guess you would have to settle for yellow. Yucks. 

This is yellow skin. 
(i have nothing against Andy Lau, just sway sway chose him.) 

Mauve is a shade of purple. So are violet, lavender, indigo, light purple, baby purple, dark purple etc. Now you know what mauve is. You arguing that it is all useless information? 

Not really. When your car sprayer guy calls to say they ran out of the Ferarri red paint that you want and all that is left is the mauve paint, you dun wan to ask them to go ahead. 

Bill Gates improved himself to be able to see 256 colours. Samsung's manufacturer, which no doubt is a man of coz *rolls eyes*, made its phones have 65,000 bits for colours. An artist can tell you burnt sierra is reddish-brown. 

Its time you start improving urself. 

1. We are not mind readers and we never will be. Our lack of mind-reading ability is not proof of how little we care about you. 

To him I say: 
Nobody expects you to be a mind reader. We just want you to use some brain cells on us sometimes, not just on who to bet on for soccer. If you listen a little more carefully you would realise you can know much more stuff about us. 

1. If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing," we will act like nothing's wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle. 

To him I say: 
If you EVER say this to a woman, its a break-up immediately. Not worth the hassle to find out what is making us all upset literally means you dun give a shit about us. There are other men, women and even animals who can give us the TLC we need. Its 'bye!' to u. 

If we wear a mourning suit to meet you and we start crying, it means that someone has died. If we say nothing is wrong, we just expected you to be smarter than to ask, and painfully put the reminder into words. 

If you did something totally insensitive the "nothing" situation might happen too. You might not know what upset us, but to us, its so obviously insensitive that if you did not know why we got upset, we should be doubly angry. 

When we say "nothing" is wrong, just take it as we meant "Can you recall which was the precise moment I got angry and think abt what you did/said exactly before it happened?" Then you query about whether it was the comment you made about you actually wanting to shag our best friends that made us angry. 

If it is what made us angry, we will give a little nod. Just apologize if you think it is ur fault, give reasons to defend urself it is not and we misunderstood you. 

Actually I'm crapping about all these coz I have no idea whats going on in the female mind when they say "nothing" is wrong. I'm not that kinda girl. I just blow my top and smack the guy on the head with whatever object I have in my hand. If I am painting my nails, it will be nail polish on your hair. So speak carefully. 

1. If you ask a question you don't want an answer to, expect an answer you don't want to hear. 

Fine. Dun ask us if we got an orgasm this time. Most likely, it is a NO. Which, btw, no and yes are perfectly fine answers to each question. Dun ask us how we want you to do it to give us pleasure. You urself said we shouldn't do that. 

1. When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine. Really. 

To him I say: 
Green polka dot dress with red shoes when we got to meet up with ur friends then. Not forgetting the bright big yellow hat with nice feathers. 

1. You have enough clothes. 

To him I say: 
Go find urself a donkey as a gf. Our clothes are none of your business. If you dun want to buy clothes for us, just say so. We will buy it ourselves. Afterall dolling up is to make u feel proud to be with us, so appreciate the efforts and shut up. 

Else, we can wear our nice new clothes when we are out with other men who will appreciate some novelty done. We will keep wearing the same green polka dot dress when we are out with you. 

hmmm enough clothes? Guess I would have to give my little black g string with the sexy diamond on it to the salvation army. Thats not forgetting the innocent white dress which I wore that day when all ur friends said your gf looks like an angel. Forget it. Give all away since I have enough clothes and when I go out with you, everything I wear is fine. 

1. You have too many shoes. 

To him I say: 
Not really. Only got 10. And my shoes are none of your business absolutely. Nobody is asking u to clean them up for me. 

1. BEER is as exciting for us as handbags are for you. 

To him I say: 
Whoever said it isn't? Anyway handbags are not exciting. LV handbags are. 

Aha! You didn't deny that soccer is boring. 

That's all. :) 
Did u learn something? LOL!

Almost done uploading my video! Yay! ^___^
Yep i upload it on youtube bcos FB is so lame! HAHA!
[However, i am not putting my video on youtube to gain fame or wadsoevar. I tried to upload this in FB but failed each time! Youtube was just an option. Note that.]
I will post that video here in my blog so watch out!!! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just some old photos i found while browsing my laptop last night as i synced my playlist. =)

♥ I am PRETTY here. YES! Without self hesitation, and humbleness! ♥
Taken way back 2009 or 2010? *Scratchhead*

My hair is kinda short here. I had my hair cut really short up until my nape. Kinda slantwise cos it's a bit long in front like Victoria Beckham's trademark hairstyle? But with this one, it already grew. HAHA!
This was 2010!=)

Ohmy! I look scary with big eyeballs no?
That is the first ever contact lens that i bought in 2011! Its 14.5mm i think? It's soo difficult to put it on my small eyes! In reality look, it almost covers all the white of my eye! :))

I thought of blogging my "evolution" look, but i was supine that i only chose this three. Hehe. There's always a next time! Just hold tight on this blog and you'll see more of your amore. ♥ trololols. =D

Note: Gonna update this specific blog soon to provide old photos.


I am again #likeamadbull mode! I was AGAIN uploading my video, about 97% done when the sudden POWER INTERUPTION shut's down the pc! FUCKING HELL! This is really testing my patience. I couldn't be affected, i can't brawl at anyone except the pc then i would look like a retard if i make cursing noise. URRRRRGGGGHHH! *FROWNlikeAbulldog*

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I received this package ytd. I bought this products frm an online shop owned by my high school friend. :) Both of us are very insecure when it comes to our face. *Highfive

I don't know but, back in my PUBERTY days, i dint really had pimples! It's when i step-in to my 20's that i had uncontrollable crazy break-outs! Since then i never see my face without a single zit, and that made me felt SUPER UGLY, until now. =(

Anyways, she introduce me this products that she tried and tested and still using for maintenance. Hehe. I give it a try. I hope for the best result soon! ^^

I was surprise to see the hellokitty ballpen she included! Cute maxx! There's also a note which indicate the instructions / usage of these products. I hope these things won't burnt my face, nowadays it's like living in HELL in the philippines! Everyday feels like gonna have heat stroke! DAFUQ!

Meanwhile, April is about to end soon. I have been thinking about this matter for quite sometime.

Back in January, i have inquired and paid for my entrance exam in CLSU.
February came, i had my exam on 11th. I was the eldest examinee i guess. The exam was QUITE HARD for me! All the questions are from HIGH SCHOOL! I graduated way back 2005? I was like about to nosebleed for every question in 5 subjects, and time pressure too! Anyways I PASSED yo! Got an 81% rate without reviews or wadsoeva! :))

I look like a shit on every studio picture! DAMN! That's my exam passes, and behind is the letter stating that i passed, shows my scores, and instruction about enrollment. I am scheduled to appear and enroll on MAY 8! WTF MAN! That's freakin 2WEEKS from now! TT__TT

I'm so not gonna make it this school year. =( BROKE MUCH. I'll be supporting myself, can not rely to anyone.


Then I wonder where does my money goes? Hmmmm..  I thinks it all went to buying lotions and body scents! Not to mention that i am a sucker for buying BREADS too! Gaaaaahhh! I AM A HOPELESS spender for nonsense.

On my other tab...

HEY FACEBOOK! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!? I've been trying to upload my awesome video since Monday! It's Thursday now and still can't upload! It's not my internet connection, [i'm now sure] but your server!!! DAMN! Don't you support .AVI file? This is just a bloody 307mb! I'm FUCKIN HELL PISSED OFF right now! Grrrrrr!!!

Then i decided to upload it on AGAIN its bloody slow! SLOWER THAN A TURTLE! Suddenly my laptop hanged and force shut-down. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I want to yell at the computer and raise my two middle finger and fucked up! *flipstable *kickthedoor >.<  GAWD! This is beyond annoying! *madlikeabull

The video i was trying to upload is NOT PORN. . I only want to show off the editing i made. =((( 

Today i look super suck. The weather is blazing hot. My hair is dreadfully frizzy. And i am seriously moody.

Changed my photo banner. I'm rather bored looking at my own body. An EYE SORE if you're my constant visitor.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

♦ Knee-high-socks-is-kewl ♦

What happened ytd?
I camwhored of course! Even today actually. :))
Despite of having stacks of papers to finished, at the end of the day, i had tons of pic to show you. *Yay!
Happy now? LOL! :))) [Like i said, i'm not gonna upload albums in facebook anymore.] 

In my astrology sign, it says there that Monday is always a lucky day for me. Indeed. Cos i think i look good on Monday! BWAHAHAHA! Guess why? Because Sunday is my only off day, and i'm just bumming at home getting as much sleep as i want! Therefore i look good on Monday! lmfao. :D However, this was on Tuesday! WAHAHA! :)))




I don't want to spam this space with my same fugley face, so i made the photos in to collage! :]

NOTE: Photos above are NOT edited. The glow effect is from the webcam feature. Try it too!

My Office attire for the day! HAHAHA! Cute right? ^_^

Because its damn HOT nowadays! >.<

After work, i went to Larah's house to get my Zen. Stayed there until 7pm. Me and her went to see the funfair before it leave the town. We rode the "anchor's-away" where in, my one pair of sock was dropped together with my lipgloss! [The one i'm wearin in the photo. I took it off when i reached their house. Went bare legs at the fair] The ride was fun though. There's this family, [mom+dad+kiddo], took the same ride with their kid! At first the kid was enjoying it, with so much happiness on his face.  ^______,^  Later on as the speed and height of the anchor's increases, the kid went pale like about to faint and DIE alrd!!! You silly parents really! Are you trying to prove anything? *rollseyes* After that, we tried the "octopus" ride. Gaaah! Not fun at all, i just felt like my tummy went upside down after. We dint tried on the other rides cos its damn lousy! All for kiddos. So we just roam at the bargain clothes, but dint even bought a single clothe, quality is bad! We went home 10pm. :)

Let's talk about today [4/25/12].
I'm just so pissed off from the text msg i received. My mom is asking me to give her money. Not that i'm parsimonious, but anything abt my mom just irritates me. =|| Forgive me Lord.

I recieved the facial treatment i bought online from a friend!
Hoping for the best result! Will start to use it tonite. =)

I'm trying to upload a video of  myself *ahem* in facebook, like godzillion times since ytd!!!
Im soo pissed cos still it won't upload! Like done with 80% then internet will disconnect and must repeat again and again and again and again! FUCKING HELL! Will try again tmr. Hmft!

  Rak en Rol. :))


Just about less than 1min after i post this blog.