Friday, July 27, 2012

Lets do the first day high!!

Long time no updates from me. Forgive me blog. You know I've been busy in school..
Speaking of school, we just had our prelim exams. Though I still have upcoming exams this week, they're just minor subjects nonetheless, I still need to review. :)

Blog, can you keep a secret? :)
I stole our accounting test sheet! Shush!
Well I was really upset and frustrated that I wasn't able to balance the problem during the exam!!! And my reason for not returning the questionnaire AFTER the exam is that I WANT TO ANSWER the problem again and balance the accounts!!! I can't be a loser you know right? I know I can balance that crap if there's NO time pressure. =__= And tell you what? I manage to balance it [at home] after 2 attempts! Bwahahaha! :)) Happy much! ^__^

Back to the topic of this blog, my university held an acquaintance [Oh crap, I thought the spelling was double 'c'! See.. I'm so dumb!] party last night! The theme was "First Day High" [a local movie, you can google if you're curious!], but it dint turn-out so well. Most of the students din't followed the theme, and din't bother to dress up! So effin sibeh! Oh well, I guess they kinda figured out that the "party" isn't going to be a "real" party after all. -_-

Last night was like some award ceremony and dance show event [8-10.30pm]. And when the "dance" time kicks in, it's darn nonsense! The students were dancing like, they're not dancing at all!!!! O_O Everybody was just jumping as if they are in some concert event, and the others were running circularly linked with each other,wtf are these ppl doing right?!? I know. -_- Enough said.

Thankfully, Andrea accompanied me, and stick with me until we call the night end. :) She even did my hair and make-up. Thanks babe, you're the best! ♥♥♥

So here are the photos we took.

The gorgeous and hawty, Andrea. ♥

 My outfit.
Dress-no brand, shoes-Primadona, watch-lacoste [cousrtesy of Ken], clutch-no brand.

After the party we went to Magellan bar to chill and fortunately met Andrea's friends. :)

The performer that night even asked us to go up on stage and serenade me and andrea. wtf! He keeps on calling my name. -_- And yea, basically, that's all! Got home at 3am. Not drunk, not tipsy. Just had a bottle. Slept at 5am then woke up 7.30. O.O


Thursday, July 19, 2012

I was emotionally wrecked last July 16th.
It has been like a mournful day in my life, where I should be celebrating with delights.

I smiled from the greetings I've received, yet I felt miserable deep within.No matter how I try to deceive myself, I still feel incomplete each passing day.Life goes on, yea. I go on meaningless...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Twenty poor

I am turning twenty-poor tomorrow! Waa!
Why so fast? T^T

And honestly, until now i've no plan of how will it be..
I mean, i have classes until 7pm!!!
and i'm just so broke to host/threw a bash for myself. lol.


What are birthday's for?
I mean, come to think of it...

For me, birthday just reminds me of how my life became a mess of who I am right now. I've always tell ppl how i hate the day, and how much i don't celebrate it. Neither have even a slight happy memory of it. Sighs.

Some are too excited of their birthday, because they know they were loved since birth and wanted to cherish the day with their love ones.

Birthday is just a reminder of how much unwanted I am in this world.


Too much drama, I KNOW!

Cheer me up with birthday wish and greetings. ♥♥♥


Monday, July 9, 2012

Busy busy busy week!
First term exam on July 18th and 19th! Whoa!
Gotta read a lot like mad!
And it falls on my birthday week. BAM!

I need to buy myself some vitamins. -__-'

Ganbatte kudasai tin! ♥

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hacked and saved!

My facebook was hacked!

Somebody accessed my account and changed its email and password! wtf!
I found out that the email used was - fck you!

I'm so glad I was able to recover my account through Fbteam's Hacker security [something]! Thank goodness! Else i'll start from scratch again. No way!

So guys, be careful from allowing your fb account to be open from applications. I guess it's their way of getting your details to steal your account then do bad using it.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Future dilemma of a notorious heels lover.

I am having discomforts. :(
My calves and the back of my knees were hurting bigtime!!!
It's all because of my tiis-ganda mind set. Arrgh!

My passion for wearing high-heels is now torturing me. So baddd.
I feel like my calves is getting bigger and bigger and heavier each day. =( wtd?
I can't throw away my shoes and revert to flats. My style won't allow me...

Some more I always cross-legs! Aaah! I just don't know, it became a habit/manner I can't get off. :3 I am paying for it now, what more in the future? I foresee myself having hideous varicose veins, cos right now I already have visible spider veins. Waa!

Disclaimer: Photos from google. Wake up call.

Spider veins.

I guess 5-10 years from now, the back of my legs will look like this.

In the long run, like 20 years from now it will look exactly like this! What the F!

Mother scary, right? *Shivers* I am feeling the symptoms now. Huhu~ I need to be rich to afford varicose treatments in the future!!! Gotta study hard and get a great career! Aja!


Monday, July 2, 2012


I have so many things to review/read for quizzes this week.
And i'm still feeling groggy from previously. Aarrrgh!

I feel like I have gotten myself gastric ulcer. =(
My stomach has been hurting recently. Ohh my.

So this is what I got from drinking too much. And i'm paying for it bigtime. Awwts!

My birthday is coming, two weeks from now. So how?
Anyways, i've nothing to offer. And nothing to expect.

Gotta erase this shit in my thoughts! I need space for more study-related-memory.



Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just some fierce eyeliner in the house - Part 2

Another photo for you to practice that eyeliner-drawing skill. :)
Like the one I posted here.

Aaahh! ALL of them look stunning! Select what the event needs, and how your dress looks. ^^ Goodluck! Hope your eyeliner won't smudge. Teehee. :))