Tuesday, May 29, 2012

School time is coming real quick!
Though I haven't officially enrolled yet, it's stressing me out a bit.

I'm in fret~ O.o I've no shoes yet! -__-''
Recently, I have been lusting online over NUDE shoes with ankle STRAP!!!
When i say LUST, it's like a crazy frenzy that i'd kill myself if i'm not gonna have one! Really.

I have been always a lover of killer heels. Their sexy! But I don't think this is appropriate for my daily walks at school, since the road were rough. The pointy-heel might break and scratched. I WANT this nonetheless!

Wedge will be the most ideal sky-high pair for daily dose of fashion, no doubt! It's quite comfy to wear around the campus on a daily basis without too much leg cramps from switching of classrooms. Ha! ♥

Since I can't wear killer heels for school, i'd say this thick-heeled loafers is a good one. I don't have eyes for loafers, but this one is a sure kickass! The heels isn't too high, and the heels won't get stuck-in-a-hole while walking with them. Mad love too! ♥

I've seen these shoes in an online shop. I'm a bit doubtful about the quality since pictures are very very much deceiving. I have not had the time to check-out department store shoes, since they're all located 3 towns away from my place. Urgh! What to do? I can't afford to leave work again. My boss will fire me. >_<"


Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's day have passed.
I dint give a damn about it.
Did not greeted anyone at all. 
My friends have sent me greets, and i chose to ignore.

I don't remember greeting my mother, ever. Perhaps i do, when i was young.
When i don't have my own mind.
When I always hide on her back, and couldn't sleep without her on my side.

I came across somebody's blog and saw this story. Which made me cringe. And so now i ponder.

I've hated my mom over the years.
I've hated her for the messed-up life i have.
I've blamed her for all the misfortune i've suffered.
I've deeply hated her for all the shit reasons i've kept in my heart.

All my life, I only wanted to have a complete family. [Oh shit this "family" thing makes me teary! wtf!]
I always envy kids at school during graduation day, or parents day. For my mom never showed me support even if i was the cream of the crop.

I met my dad two days before my 20th bday. So over the 20yrs of my existence, I never once saw my dad. And have always dream of meeting him. Mom has only ONE old blur photo of him, that I grew up looking. [But this post isn't about my dad, i just thought about it.]

I don't know but this hate i kept makes me irk whenever i see her. -_-
Believe me, i've tried to get over this but it just can't get it off! ='(

My mom is getting old and wrinkly, weak and sickly. And i've never had a "happy" moments with her to reminisce, to share, to brag like other loving child. 

Someday i'm gonna regret that i din't cared for her, loved her, and all the things a daughter should give.
I'm gonna cry on her grave, and asked for forgiveness.
BUT right now, i just can't. This isn't pride, i'm just loathsome.

Mama, look what have u done to me. You have created an enormous monster in me.

I'm sure gonna burn in hell. But for once, I AM DEEPLY SORRY. =(
I still hope and pray that before the world ends, ME, YOU, and DAD, will be together like a normal happy family. I am not young anymore, and parents bonding might gross me out, but I SINCERELY WISH for this to HAPPEN in God's time.

Ma, you know i have loved you. It's you who made me distant.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Those were the days...

Now I've nothing to flaunt. -_-"

• I envy skinny girls who eats like a monster but doesn't gain a pound!
• I hate how french fries are so yums but so fatty to consume everyday!

Why does everything that's pleasurable has consequence in return?
Like how they describe, when someone's so happy, something bad will happen later on. 

What's more scary is that, what will happen when someday i'll get married [which i hope will happen] then get pregnant, and never lose the weight  and stretch marks, and saggy skin, and dark-fits, and all scary nightmare a woman wouldn't want to have! URGH!


I should marry a dermatologist then. HAHAHA! :)))

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finally got my fold-able BLACK ESPRIT UMBRELLA courtesy of Ken. THANKS! ♥♥♥

However this isn't gonna be a happy post.

Last night was quite saddening one. My uncle, who was recently hospitalized, made me heartbroken. :'( He did not ate the whole day and drank during the night despite of him being sick, still. We were all about to sleep when he suddenly attacked by the monster in his head, and declared pain. We were forcing him to eat and take his medicines, but he refused to no matter how hard we try.


He said, the medicines are useless that it won't take away the pain he feels since he's been taking them during hospitalization period until now. =( And I just feel like crying on the spot, but I should not show him pity cos he wouldn't like that. I told him that the medicines will not take effect immediately but is just for maintenance [with laughing tone] and yet he did not wish to listen. =(

VERTIGO, was said to be his health problem according to the MD. After hospital discharged, they [with his gf] went to seek for second opinion in an ENT Clinic. There he learnt that his illness is called TINNITUS [one form of vertigo] which can lead to hearing loss in the future. ='(

Uncle says that the ENT specialize doctor already confirmed that what he is suffering now is INCURABLE. Although he was given a drug to reduce the pain, uncle maybe dropped his hope upon hearing the consultation. 

Gaaaaaaaaaaaddddd. I CAN NOT CONTINUE writing this out anymore, it makes me cry again. ='(

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Last Sunday, a colleague texted me. She's borrowing money [Php5000] from me. [Can anyone tell me how to erase the  "mayaman ako" tag in my forehead?] I don't know why ppl mistake me as somewhat rich girl, or a girl who never gets broke! Wa lau! Anyways, I asked her when does she needed it because i've no enough cash atm. She swore to pay me back within the first week of June. #fingerscrossed I'm sure though, it will past my enrollment sched. *Gasp.

The story was, she's supposed to fly back to Sg some time two weeks ago but left by the plane! The reason was because of the lousy Immigration officer who held her at the Immigration office for some checks and interview, after their long wait they [she was with her sundo who, I think, will act as her bf] were released! But it was too late, that the flight was closed for boarding already. ='( 

So now, she is again schedule to fly May 30 according to her. She needed extra money because the first flight was wasted, so the supposed to be pocket/show money was used to buy another ticket for her and the "bf". She is resourcing now for the show money, she needed in case asked by the lousy immigration.

I agreed to lend her my very last wealth which is supposed to pay my tuition on June 6! Actually, from 8k, my last notes are down to 3k now! I also wonder why! O.o So I've listed every penny i've spent the past week, and yea, I dint lost any thing but just spent quite frequent! So there.

Since she needed 5k, I need to figure out where to get the remaining 2k [OMG! I'm playing such a charitable person despite of me being poor! God should count this as a good deed! Ha!] and my last resort is to change my very last S$100 today! ='( [I'm keeping it for emergency purpose, but now I have to change it to comply with my promise. I thought of borrowing to my uncle, but I was shy to ask.] Oh well. I'm such #afriendtokeep forever. Lololols!!!

After lunch today, I'm going to change the money and deposit it to her account and go back to my office. I wonder if she will pay off the "extra" expenses like fare and deposit charge. Haha! But she is a very nice girl, even though i don't know her that much, the short times I was with her is sure to prove that she is a real fella. =) #fingerscrossed

The ff day (Monday), Shyne also drop me a msg and is ALSO borrowing money. Gaaaaaaddd! ='( SERIOUSLY, do i have to wear ragged/ripped clothes to convince everyone i'm broke? Haiz. But because i've already compromised to Zarah, i've nothing left to give to Shyne. Sorry! I called her, and we yak over. We ended up to "she teasing me to who" which is so impossible to happen. HAHA! :))

Oh btw, I'm also gonna pick-up another package sent by my ex again. This time, it's a sure umbrella yo! =)

My funny eye lashes. ~^_^~
The photos were afar from the topic, placed just to add color on this post! (//^>^)//

♥tin ^^

Monday, May 21, 2012

Yellows! ^‿^/
Here's just another mix&match office outfit of the day! :P

This skirt is orange [in case you're color-blind?]. O_o

It's yet another overload of a sweet boring day. :) [what's new?]
Was browsing the net [what's new again?] to look for post paid plan I could apply, and yet nothing can be afford! LOL. Plus today, saw at my newsfeed that Mark Zuckerberg is already married!!! I dint even know that he is attached in the first place! HAHA! He married his chinese long time(?) girlfriend Priscilla Chan! [She's not that good-looking in my view, but perhaps intelligent?] That girl is a sure jackpot to married the youngest billionaire in this filthy world! Deym! Hence, Congratulations to the newly-highly influential [I suppose] couple to date!

Anyways, I don't feel like talking a lot of nonsense today. *whistles* #imsoboring *pout* 

My false-eyelashes were shredding!!! :)))

Got that semi-permanent [is there such a word?] false-eyelashes extension last March. I was told that it will last me 2months, not bad for Php500 to have I thought, so I had it! And indeed, it lasted me 2months before I forcefully removed the last two pieces attached on my real poor lashes! The story was, whenever a piece of false lashes will fall off, two strand of real ones has to be sacrificed! Because the false one was glued to the real ones. ='( Before I had it, i dint know that it will be glued with the real ones. *selfslaps* Now my real lashes got smaller and thinner. Wtf! So there, end of story. LOL.


Just some webby I clicked over. http://www.gsmarena.com. If you want to know all available phone and its feature in the market. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Three Enrollment Episodes

Whats up niggas? :))

As for me, NOTHING has been on going. HAHA!
Today I kinda feel like showing off numerous narcissism's through photos that I've taken on my 3rd enrollment attempt! HAHA! I've been mentioning about this in my previous posts.

But, how and why did it had to be 3x? [Assuming you're curious to know. lol]
To answer that, I am now warning you that this post will be BLOODY LONNNNNNNNG!!! Spare me. :)

First day. 5/8/12
Was my schedule to enroll based on the mailed notice from the university. With regards to my dramatic-heart-pouring-woes in my previous post, I thought I wouldn't be able to enroll cos I was and still broke. However, a very kind-hearted-concern-friend lend me his tangible help. :) So there. I went to my enrollment and line-up for the medical examinations the Uni has provided which cost "us" Php80. As usual, it's a bloody hot day so i'm freakin irritable through out. 

I finished my medical and lodging permit and head to College of Business Administration and Accountancy building to enroll.

Since BSBA isn't my first choice as stated from the mailed letter, the registrar did not allow me to enroll that day! They prioritize the freshmen who listed BSBA as their first choice. They have this 400 freshmen limitation for BSBA. 

I was maddd! >_<

They said if I really want to be in their college, I could go back early in the morning the ff day since they haven't reached their quota yet. I begged them to allow me, told them I am working and had my leave just for the day. They remain unconcerned and repeat the rules to me. I went home furious.

Second day. 5/9/12
I woke very early [5:30AM] to prepare. I planned to be there before 7AM for me not to lost my chance in their college since it has limited slot. I reached about 7:20AM. To my freakin disappointment, the faculty aren't there yet! Am I that early? [I went there that early to finish enrollment at least until 9AM for me not to waste a day of work.] Good thing I wasn't the earliest bird.

It's been 9AM and still no sign of faculty around. Wtf! I decided to walk around the other college building and asked for prospectus [I was having a hard time deciding of what course to take and bcos i'm fckin disgusted that it's gonna be another day of non-work for me!].

I knocked on Agricultural Engineering dept. The moment I walked in and asked for their prospectus, the 3faculty [I suppose] told me, "Mag-aaral ka ba tlga? Baka bf lang hanap mo dito? Akina lang number mo." *laughs* [translation: "Are you really going to study? Or you're just looking for a bf around here?"] I wanted to tell him, "Ang kapal ng muka. Ang tanda mo na eh!" [Translation: " What a shameless dirty old man!" lol]

Another one says, "Abah mas muka ka pang dalaga sakin ah." *laughs*  [Translation: "You even look more womanly than me!"] I felt insulted and feel like cursing their face, yet I just laughed and gave them a smile and said "At least muka pang dalaga, hindi dala na." [Translation: "At least I still look young, not wrinkled." lol]

But honestly, I wanted to yell at her for comparing herself to me when obviously she look like a mother pig herself! I just thought that my business-woman-outfit-plus-make-up made me look like professional for them to doubt on me. SHRUG! I still gave them a polite smile and greeted them goodbye after getting the prospectus I wanted! Also got BSBA 3prospectus, and BSCE. I tried to get BSChem's and DevCom's but they run out of copies. T.T

In DevCom office btw, I chatted with their Dept.head and he suggested that I should get may transcript from my previous college so I could credit some subjects and won't be a CFY after hearing my story. [I don't want to elaborate my background. Sorry. *As if you want to know?* :))] He advised me to visit the Office of the Admissions..

10AM+ went back to BSBA. Gone to 2nd floor. I paid Php100 for the student form, and paid Php350 for some student council fee. We're also required to buy the BSBA Uniform for Php850, but I said my money isn't enough that time but promised to buy next time as it is required.

I had my initial college interview for formality. Back to the registrar again, this mother pain madam told me to go for counselling at CTEC building, all shifters must see the counselor. Goddamn infuriating!!! >.< I've been walking all day with my killer-heels and again I have to walk my ass under the extreme sun!

I know its my own choice for wearing killer heels, and not bringing umbrella! -_-" Let me explain. We are required to wear business attire! I can't wear my skyhigh wedge cos it's beige and will not match my navy blue skirt and lightpurple/white longsleeve! And I've no umbrella that's why i'm freakin disappointed to my ex for not sending me an umbrella!]

So I went there. Waited for 30mins approx. Since CTEC is in the same building as OAd, i checked out the personnel to consult about my possible credentials. She told me to get Good Moral, Dismissal, and Certificate of TOR since I don't have the original one due to major personal chaos. After her ear-pain explanations she told me to come back as soon as I have those , so I decided not to enroll as CFY in BSBA and move my ass back home.

I went to my previous college (STI), and told them the things I needed. I tried to begged for them to release it all that day, but refused to. They're busy preparing for their school graduation [Wah lau! So late!] and promise me to come back on Monday [5/14/12]. Again, I went home unaccomplished. =( *burdened max! for another wasted day of "No work No pay". Dammit!

No pictures as I was deeply irritado.

Third attempt. 5/14/12
I firstly went to a photo studio to have my 2x2 photo that I needed to attach for the forms and stuffs. Then left for STI. Was there for abt an hour as they haven't touched my records yet. I paid Php300 for these documents below.

Went back at the studio to grab my pictures, paid Php80 for 4pcs set of 2x2's! :) Head back to my uni (CLSU) for the 3rd episode of my enrollment attempt! *Gasp*

Immediately walked to OAd to meet this another mother pain madam for my credentials. But WTF! She says they can only credit my NSTP since I had my Uni-subjs more than five years ago. She showed me this Uni Rules, the first two states that only modules/units taken not exceeding 5yrs ago can be credited!

To clear this out, I had my CFY way back 2005-2006 in Araullo-Uni. Then transferred to STI on 2007-2009. Since CLSU doesn't recognize non-university modules [STI is a vocational/technical school back then but a full pledge college now], I could only use my first transcript wtf! I din't argued with the madam and just walk out to BSBA.

There I met the same persons again. The prof told me that he can not just accept to credit my NSTP if I don't have a signed waver from the Dept.head of that subject! The mother pain madam in Oad din't told me that and did not gave me a form/paper for that waver! Another mother pain for me as I again needed to walk around, but this time with my skyhigh wedge, to meet the Dept.heads! Its lunch time so I killed it in an empty classroom. I dint ate lunch cos i've no companion. Endured hunger. :( I only had 1bot of water.

Almost worn-out from nonstop walks. *hayst!

 Damn tired. =| Make-up melting.

  All by my self. Feeling the classroom atmosphere. =)

 Grimace-face. XD
Obviously, pissed-off face. >.<

After lunch time, I walk and walk and walk on every department! Despite that I was advised to only get NSTP head's signature, I still insisted myself to try the other subjects to be credited!!! FIGHTING!!!!

You know, I've taken them before and it's such a BIGTIME WASTE OF TERM to repeat them again, you understand right? Come'onnnnnnnnnn...

Say, if I apply for a job in the future these repeated units will just be the same to  the employer [probably], on the other hand they might ask me why I had them repeated! And plus, employer's doesn't ask for a an excellent P.E mark, as long as you pass the medical test they will provide, RIGHT!? :D

First off to NSTP. Dammit, 1pm she went out for late lunch. [Punyeta! Que malas talga!] Went to P.E dept instead. The DH was out too! [Are you kidding me?!] Waited there until 2pm. T^T

Heavenly large mirror @ the Gymnasium. Can't resist to camwhore.
My beloved Charles & Keith shoulder bag. ♥

Walked back to NSTP [if you're a student of CLSU and is reading this, you're probably applauding now for my undying painful long back and forth walks along the campus! Thanks!^^] then I head to CAS right after. 

At Mathematics Department corridor. This huge mirror welcomed me! :)

So I had 2-NSTP, 2-P.E, 1-College Algebra, signed waver. My General Psychology is supposed to be credited as well, but my crappy TOR erroneously entered SOCSCI100 and CHEM100 both GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY as subject name! Bloody hell! She erased her signature, and told me to change the error with my crappy Araullo-Uni. URGH! After that, I walk another mile to the last department - Filipino Dept.   

Fck-face now.

Here's the deal. Unlike the other depts, the faculty gave me Filipino exam! WTF! Thank goodness it's in multiple choice!!! Immediately sat and grab a pen to answer, but the questions were BLOODY DIFFICULT like I don't remember anything about the subject anymore! [Shit man! I almost nosebleed!] I hocus-focus-mini-myni-mo the choices, and finished it within 30mins. Aaaahccckkkk!!! *backpainmuch

Out of 100 questions, I only had 47 correct answers! T____________T [See. I never liked Filipino subject!]
So i was asked to do an essay about "Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang" a verse from the bible - to passed. I don't have any idea how to write a Filipino essay!!! ='( It took me an hour to finished it. Thank God they passed me! T.T *Phew!* I paid Php50 for I dunno what. Finished @ 4:20PM.

Brisked walk back to BSBA and gave them the waver's I collected!!! At the registrar, this mother pain madam [btw she already recognize my face] said why am i such a tangle-minded and that i've been messing-up their schedule. Wtf! >.< They got my papers and told me to come back AGAIN on JUNE 6, as it is the enrollment date for transfer students.

Although I did not make it, I am happy to accomplished my credentials. Though I broke their rule. :P
Pls don't tell the OAd. *Witchlaugh. >:D

Some more camwhores of me. Hurray!!!  O=))

I told you this is super major long post! HAHAHA! Good thing i'm in the mood to blog and type this long. :)

Top:Forever21; Pants:Jag; Shoes:Rusty Lopez; Bag:Charles&Keith.

♥tin ^‿^

Friday, May 18, 2012

Yesterday after work, I went to pick-up a package from my ex.

I dunno what got in to him that he suddenly thought of sending me gifts! He never gave me anything during our LDR. It kinda surprised me.

The night before, he texted me about it saying it's just an umbrella [I requested one since he want to give me something] and a pimple treatment [cos he says I always complain about my unstoppable break-outs]. I agreed to pick it up for the sake of beauty. HAHAHA! [I won't say NO if it's for pimple treatment yo!]

The package was so light, I doubt there's an umbrella inside. So I got the package and went home straight. I opened the package and to my disappointment, there is NO UMBRELLA inside as suspected!!! >_< Wtf! 

I hate it when I am expecting something but turned out its not it! URGH!

The package contains a RED MANGO TOTE BAG, A GRAY LOOSE TOP, and tiny TEA TREE OIL bottle from BODYSHOP for pimples like he said.

I'm sorry to say, but I didn't feel happy to receive the gifts cos I just fckin want an umbrella! It's more useful since i'm going back to school, and its gonna be wet season soon! Wtf. What more can i do but to complain to him! YES I COMPLAINED! Though i'm very thankful for the thoughts, I'm just not that materialistic to appreciate unexpected things. [Is that bad?]

I told him:
I like MANGO brand but I don't use tote bags anymore, that is soo high school. He said he thought i like bulky bags, so he chose that.

I like the TOP though. Its very light and comfy fabric. ^^ I can wore it as a minidress, i'll just have to put belt for shape. Or use it as a loose top with shorts or pants, i said. But dafuq?! He said he thought I am size LARGE and apologize for buying me a loose top! Grrr! It sounded like an insult to me, really. >.<

Anyways, I used the tea tree oil already after I showered that night. Kinda prickly yet cooling at the same time. Hopefully it's effective! *fingerscrossed.

He promise to give me an umbrella for my birthday. I AM HOPING HE WILL THIS TIME!
In case you've read this, THANK YOU AGAIN!


Something bad happened last night too. [5/17/12 @ 9PM]
My uncle was taken to the hospital. =(
The time I got home in the afternoon, he was looking pale. They already went for check up though. He was HIGH BLOOD. The MD advice him to rest and don't eat any hard food for the night to ready him for medical examinations today.

I went to church in the evening and got home quarter to 8pm.
He was still sick and feeling very groggy. My other uncle was there [Larah's dad] when I arrived. I think they just waited for me to come home. Altogether they went at the hospital to check my uncle's blood pressure again.

They left me alone. They were gone for almost an hour.

My other uncle went back at the house and told me that, my uncle was advise to be confined bcos his BP doesn't seem to be normal but keeps on increasing! The doctor says a vein might broke if it continues. So they need to monitor his BP and asked him to confine himself. I was like, Oh my God. ='(

After hearing that, I got worried suddenly.
In my bed i felt a bit shaky. I was thinking bad things like what if he is seriously ill, what if he got cancer, and what if he'll die. =(( [You can not get off this things in mind with sudden situation like this, spare me.]

I dunno how will I live if he pass-away. Seriously. I'm neither close with my parents. And I am still dependent to him for the past 7yrs. [Aunt passed away January 2011 due to ovarian cancer btw.]

This morning, uncle called me to visit him at the hospital [I was at work] cos he want me to do errands for him. I went. I saw him laying, in dextrose and visibly very weak. He spoke so weak and still dizzy. That's the first time I saw him like that, helpless. =(

After a short while, I left and went back to work. :(

I am the kind of person who doesn't easily show emotion. I look like I don't give a damn to anything. I act selfish. Looking always annoyed or something. Ingrata in other words.

But in my heart, I hope and pray that he will recover soon and nothing more serious will happen. I pray that he is not seriously ill, and will go back to his normal health soon! This is the first time he got confined in the hospital. [He's always a strong man and never complains about his health.] I'm just thankful that his gf was here when he needed her. I feel sorry that i'm no use of any help or support around him. This feeling sucks. T.T

Please get well soon. :'(


Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm gonna flood pictures that I took with Larah during their gig last Monday! :)
This might take few minutes to load...
You may browse your facebook first then come back later. *Joke.
Don't leave! I'm so happy you're here!!! =^‿,^=

First attempt. Larah's face - failed. lols. :)) [Yelling at the person behind the cam.] HAHA!

☆★ Now it comes out right! :) ☆★
 Forgive our massive arms!
And another one! HAHA! We look so sweety pies, ain't we? ♥‿♥

Welcome to Larah's home sweet home! \(^  ^)/

Larah doing her make-up! 

Shimmering Eye-shadow set! Goodness~ ^3^

My attempt shot to group pic! Fail. T.T

We asked somebody to take over instead. [Me.Larah.Mimi] ♥
Larah and Mimi were the band's resident vocalists! Isn't that cool? I wanna be a singer too! HAHA!

♥ Bff / Cousins / Sisters ♥

☆★ Just me camwhoring. ☆★

Is my photo editing an eyesore? I think I over do the color saturation! But in my laptop it looks perfectly fine! I guess my desktop color resolution is set too high cos the photos were fuzzy yet vivid! Oh wtf.

Let me show you our non-edited whatsoever photo of us bare face! ≧▽≦

But this photo isn't recent! Bwahaha! See the printed date. :))

We went at the venue 6pm. We need to get there early bcos setting up the stage, instruments, lightning, sounds, and the like, took forever to set-up! Joke. Just 2hrs approx. Then had our dinner at the Brgy.Captain's house. I pigged-out again! Damn. All viands were yummy pork dish! Wtf! The show started around 8pm. I was just basically taking their photos while their performing up on stage. I went home almost 12am. Despite of the whole day of tiredness, I dint fell asleep easily. And btw, on the same day I had my 3rd enrollment attempt. I was at my university walking around every department to ask for the Dept.Head credited subject approval. You couldn't imagine how haggard I was that day. My make-up was melting, and walking with my skyhigh-wedge ain't easy. *Yea i go for fashion over comfort. What's new? Haha!

♥tina ^‿^

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A classmate from high school fb msg me, and said I should not lose more weight cos I look bad when my face slim-down. *Yea right. My high cheek-bone is to be blame! [While others would pay to have cheek-bone fillers here I am complaining about mine. Fantastic!] I know I look like a skull covered by skin when I lose my fat cheeks! =( What can i do man!? I need to chop away the fats in my belly! And if only I know how to slim-down without sacrificing the fat-cheeks then I've done that! Hayst. [Beauty has a price.]

In the future, when i succeed with my studies and get a good job that pays well, i will definitely seek for a cheek-fillers!!! Better yet, get a plastic surgeon to transform my face in to a barbie doll like Valeria Lukyanova! [Google in case you don't know her.]

Anyways, seems like i'm losing my diet discipline again. >•<
Last night I ate 2-slice of pizza before I slept! [Can anyone resist a good pizza? Not me!] Then today, I ate a big cut of lavishly sweet rice cake! OMG. My belly is starting to bump again~ Nooooooooooooooooo pls!

Another problem is, I can't get an early doze recently! *Sighs* For 3 consecutive nights, I've been falling asleep on wee hours! Gawd. Improper sleep also leads to converting sugar in to fats [something like that] and triggers pimple !!! *Cries.

On the lighter note, I've spent the day exploring youtube! Hahaha! :D
I've found excellent gurus and subscribed! lol. You guess what vlogs they do? It's of course no other than make up and styling!!! trolololols. :)) I was really amused!!! ^3^ Specially on Promise Tamang Phan make-up transformations! She is AWESOME! Very impressive pro make-up skill man! She can make herself look like Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Scarlet Johanson, Taylor Swift, Drake, to name a few. Whew! She even copied the girl from avatar - all in blue! WtHeck! You need to check her out too ladies! :)

That's all for today! hehe. :)
I feel lazy to blog my enrollment attempts. It's just boring. Plus I might just be cussing if I'd talk about it.

Will meet Larah in a while btw. :)


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oooohhhh mmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy Gaaaaaaaahhwwwwwwwwdddd!
I cant believe what i saw today!!! DAMN!
I feel like i can't breathe from major shock! I just can't believe my own eyes! O.O
This is sooooo shallow of me but heck! August liked my FB status!!!!! BWAHAHAHA!

I was browsing somebody's FB, and this fb notification pops-out!!!

IT'S HIM! OHMYGOD! O.O *dilatedeyes

I was like staring at the monitor and my hands went stiffed! I was trying to reach for the "print screen' key but was too late when i found it. [The pop-out msg disappeared and flew to the notification icon] =( I've print-screen it though, from the drop-down notifs.

But then, when i recheck my notifs he's gone!!! WTF! Seriously.
What is up with you fb? Are you playing with my emotions!? Dammit! >.<

Yet i can not be affected!!! I have my printed-screen to stare at! *Guffaws
Yet I can't reveal his name man! Even if i want to.

In case you're wonderin what was my fb status:
"The world is your oyster. Believe in yourself, strive for what you desire and you will be rewarded. :)"
Ahaha! :D Very positive thought. Not the usual me. Honestly, i just copy paste that! LOL. :))
For that, i think i have to post positive thoughts all the time! Lalalaaa~ ^^

Please pinch me~
It's been a while. I still can't believe he'll show me some presence! ^_______^ #imahappygirl

But waaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!! •O•

He must've browse my wall and saw the linked of this baby blog! OHMY! He must be laughing his ass off if ever he read my blog post-love-confession for him. Waaaaahhhhh! *Dies* Just over reacting! HAHA! Truth is, I want him to read it and I hope he'll feel regretful to neglect me! Bwahahaha!!! *Witchlaugh


♥tin 5/15/12

I'll blog about my enrollment attempts next time. :)

I hate that the time and date of this blog is inaccurate! 1day late! So i have to schedule the post to achieve the right date of blogged. Lamelamelame!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello mi amores! ♥ 

As related to my previous post, i have decided to take a major leap in my life which is entering college [for the third time]. But somehow, I CAN NOT DECIDE what course to take! Initially, i wanted to take-up BS Civil Engineering due to the influence of my workmates [as you may or may not know, i'm into construction job]. However, regards with the comments that i have received, engineering requires excellent mathematical skills and great imagination [for designing] are somehow made me "Ohh what the heck got in to my mind to want that course!" thought. Honestly i'm not good at numbers and not imaginative when it comes to design. *Gasp. Right now, second option is BS in Business Administration. To my surprise, this BSBA have 3 majors: Marketing Management,  Human Resource , and  Business Economics! Seriously why so hard to choose a career path!? This is killing me! Urgh! I've also consider BS in Chemistry [just because i like science and i have memorize the periodic table of elements back in HS but forget about it now, yet i'm sure can still memorize them plus it sounds like i could be a scientist? LOL. Or i could work in Oil/Petroleum Industry which is very profitable!], I've browse google for its prospectus and realize it's not what i thought it is! Holycow! I'm so baffled. -_-" On the other hand, MassCom will suit me right i think, BUT i don't foresee a future in any media outlet. Ohh gosh! Guess i just have to go with BSBA and pick among the 3Majors. I feel like i'll fall for Business Economics after reading the link. :) #sohelpmeGod. :)

My enrollment will be finalize [hopefully] this coming Monday! #justsaying.

~✿ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★✿~

BTW. I went at Larah's place the other night [5/10/12] to grab some dinner. [No other place to go except there! I've no friends in the city and that is just so lame i know~ wtf.] I was pretty excited because it's been a very long time that i haven't eaten a salted egg!^○^ Anyways, her cousin commented that [compared to the last time she saw me] i got thinner!!! trololols! :))) I love her, for saying that!♥♥♥ I've been depriving myself to indulge in food for a month and that is what i wanted to hear you blind fellows! [Just the exact word of encouragement to continue.] HAHA! I know it's so unhealthy, but i got good stamina to resist. Heehee~ But then my weight is still not ideal, i think. I'm currently 50kg! I want to be 48kg at least! *Fighting fighting!!! :O

Will you say i lose weight now?  ♥‿♥  BWAHAHA! :)))

The 3rd picture is rather old-looking. O.O
Anyhow, I look like rather squint-eyed in this photo no? lol.

Cutesy-patootsies! (◕◡◕)
Lookin cute there spongebob! HAHA!
No more long kept pictures! (^◡^)
Sorry for photo flooding! Hahaha~