Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Uniform.

Why hello!!!
It's been a long while. I miss you blog! ♥

Sorry for keeping myself away the past weeks. The student me, was and is still busy with school stuffs.

Today, I want to show my, little precious uniform! LOL. And yes, we got uniform!!! I know it's abnormal? I mean, in all universities around the globe, I think it's only Philippines who got  "university" school uniforms. Dafuq right? Actually, evry college department differ. Anyways, it's beneficial to us though. I mean, we don't have to think of what to wear each crappy day!!! Haha. And specially for girls, it's insane to think of what to wear daily! Agree? It's more time consuming then studying your, let's say, accounting subject? Lol.

So, this is our blouse paired up with a navy pencil skirt. :) You do the, uh, imaginations? lol.
Say hello to pauline [my bear at the back]!

Our wash day shirt! Which we wear evry thursday! Evry freakin thursday!
And of course, my forever treasured ID. ♥

So well, these days, i'm working on reading. YES! I never thought I would be so engage in reading books this much. HAHA! Well, not really a "book", but a novel. ^^ I started reading TWILIGHT over the weekends, and wrapped up NEW MOON [since class was suspended yesterday due to some southwest monsoon rain! I read it up the whole freakin day like maddddd! ♥] as well! Both stuck in my nose In barely a week! I'm a freak right? LOL. I just don't like stopping until i finish, though that wouldn't happen unless I won't sleep like a vampire when reading. Lols.

 Evidently, the book was borrowed from my Uni Library. :)

Now, I can't wait to read on ECLIPSE. Tried to borrowed it today but somebody got it first, it's due tomorrow though. So I must anticipate! :)

School Scen
tta bounce.

Socsci exam [which is apparently, ridiculously late of all] tomorrow. :)


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