Friday, July 27, 2012

Lets do the first day high!!

Long time no updates from me. Forgive me blog. You know I've been busy in school..
Speaking of school, we just had our prelim exams. Though I still have upcoming exams this week, they're just minor subjects nonetheless, I still need to review. :)

Blog, can you keep a secret? :)
I stole our accounting test sheet! Shush!
Well I was really upset and frustrated that I wasn't able to balance the problem during the exam!!! And my reason for not returning the questionnaire AFTER the exam is that I WANT TO ANSWER the problem again and balance the accounts!!! I can't be a loser you know right? I know I can balance that crap if there's NO time pressure. =__= And tell you what? I manage to balance it [at home] after 2 attempts! Bwahahaha! :)) Happy much! ^__^

Back to the topic of this blog, my university held an acquaintance [Oh crap, I thought the spelling was double 'c'! See.. I'm so dumb!] party last night! The theme was "First Day High" [a local movie, you can google if you're curious!], but it dint turn-out so well. Most of the students din't followed the theme, and din't bother to dress up! So effin sibeh! Oh well, I guess they kinda figured out that the "party" isn't going to be a "real" party after all. -_-

Last night was like some award ceremony and dance show event [8-10.30pm]. And when the "dance" time kicks in, it's darn nonsense! The students were dancing like, they're not dancing at all!!!! O_O Everybody was just jumping as if they are in some concert event, and the others were running circularly linked with each other,wtf are these ppl doing right?!? I know. -_- Enough said.

Thankfully, Andrea accompanied me, and stick with me until we call the night end. :) She even did my hair and make-up. Thanks babe, you're the best! ♥♥♥

So here are the photos we took.

The gorgeous and hawty, Andrea. ♥

 My outfit.
Dress-no brand, shoes-Primadona, watch-lacoste [cousrtesy of Ken], clutch-no brand.

After the party we went to Magellan bar to chill and fortunately met Andrea's friends. :)

The performer that night even asked us to go up on stage and serenade me and andrea. wtf! He keeps on calling my name. -_- And yea, basically, that's all! Got home at 3am. Not drunk, not tipsy. Just had a bottle. Slept at 5am then woke up 7.30. O.O


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