Friday, October 26, 2012

October 31st of 2012

hi blog!! :)

Just a quick post to greet you and everyone who passes by and those who just get lost here, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have u readied ur candies for the anual treat or tricks? And have u had your costume ready for the party?

Psh. I miss Sgp! I was there last year during halloween and it was awesome! Specially at clarke quay where most party goers even tourists were in scary halloween costume! I lost my phone there last year, was dead drunk man. Epic!

Anyways, i was surfing the android market and found this cool app called zombiebooth. Go and search it too! It will make ur picture a zombie and its in 3D too! haha.

Its sembreak time, and unlike every student, i'm just staying indoors. What's new anyways?:O

So this is getting long huh.
I'm gonna bounce now.
I wish to show you here my zombified photo but my lousy mobile internet is so slow! ★_★
K bye.


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