Saturday, October 6, 2012

Singapore Trip 2012

Hello blog!
I couldn't update you in the past, ikr. I'm sorry!
So yea, as what i've titled you, I went to Singapore for a quick visit. Hurray!
It was so sudden that I, myself, dint able to announce it to the world. LOL!
Dad called, and out of nowhere, asked me if I want to visit Sgp for mooncake festival. I was super surprised and thrilled that I dint think about school conflicts. So i quickly said "YES! OF COURSE!" and the rest was epic. Haha!

I wouldn't tell you what happened each day. :D
I've met some friends while I was in town. Too bad I dint able to meet everyone that I wanted to hang with. Pretty sad though, but I guess I'm not as special to them anymore for them to make time and see me. I wasn't even asking for a day man! Still, I was taken for granted. Sighs. You know what, I'm kinda of annoyed of myself for being a rather clingy to ppl who became good to me. I don't know! I have to CHANGE and learn to just play along and not see things the other way around, right? :)


So here you go, pictures! ^___^

 Mrt! I've learnt to use it. :)

The lanterns are so pretty! :) They are actually the major reason why dad asked me to come over to Sgp, just to see these piece of cartoons! lols.

My dear blog, I wanted to talk more but i'm quite sleepy now. The bed is calling me~ (-_-Zzz

Talk to you soon.



  1. Omg~ looks like a ton of fun! <3


  2. Singapore looks so clean and lovely! I wanna visit soon :)

    The Misty Mom