Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letting go of 2013.

I've had numerous memorable experiences this year that I'm sure I won't forget for life.

I've been through times when I feel down and nothing but a complete nonsense. However, with the things that happens to me this year, I've learned not to waste my time with people who are not worth my attention. I have bear in mind not to give a damn to whatever criticism I would get from narrow minded people. Hence, this year I've started to live my life with much less care to unimportant wiseacres that surrounds me. So, the hell with those who has nothing good to say but to expose the crab mentality inside them, I won't flip a finger to you no more. [May you just rest in peace. JK.]

Apart from that, I am also grateful to met some of the amazing person in the world,
which I will certainly cherish forever...

Aah! Thinking about the FUN times I had makes me don't want to let go of 2013...
This has been my year. I stumbled and fall, and now I am back on my feet.

I've also moved up to being a career woman. Yes, a WOMAN.
I admit I haven't set my goals yet, and still indecisive of what I REALLY want.
I'm working on it!

I have a short term goal though, which I won't tell.

Now, whatever awaits in 2014 , I just hope to grow-up more and be the mature Christine I have always wanted to be. I have not listed down my resolutions yet, but that's just nonsense since I haven't really able to do them.

I promise to be a much better person.

To cut all the sht off,
2013 is my favorite year to date, and will always be one of my favorite year for life. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ^___^ 

I miss you blog. I've been nothing but a lazyass to update you. I love you though! <3

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