Friday, January 24, 2014


Good news!

In relation to my previous post, the result was finally announced last night! :)
I have passed and is now a certified technical support for AT&T U-verse account!
That means, goodbye to slacking around and be very productive.

No more excessive breaks and chill times. Urgh!

Some more, there is a huge possibility that our wave/batch will be distributed and mixed with the other teams.
That's pretty sad, however, it is kinda good as well 'cos I would need not to go on every TGIF "drinking session!" HURRAY!
Since I might be a part of a new team, I promise not to be very friendly to others, just because I don't want to have this "drinking-bond" I have developed with my colleagues now.

And of course, I promise myself to be a better person this year,
and just get real mature and responsible. *Grin

Iam your Miss Independent, anyway! lol

So there.

More news to come!
See I am blogging quite than usual. :)
I have regained the little "writer" in me. Haha!


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  1. I'm not sure why I was reading your little blog I stumble upon recently... but yah I was enjoying reading your everyday life as a person... It's ordinary and you're quite pretty fun and interesting to read if you were a book to me.. (^_^)...