Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Future dilemma of a notorious heels lover.

I am having discomforts. :(
My calves and the back of my knees were hurting bigtime!!!
It's all because of my tiis-ganda mind set. Arrgh!

My passion for wearing high-heels is now torturing me. So baddd.
I feel like my calves is getting bigger and bigger and heavier each day. =( wtd?
I can't throw away my shoes and revert to flats. My style won't allow me...

Some more I always cross-legs! Aaah! I just don't know, it became a habit/manner I can't get off. :3 I am paying for it now, what more in the future? I foresee myself having hideous varicose veins, cos right now I already have visible spider veins. Waa!

Disclaimer: Photos from google. Wake up call.

Spider veins.

I guess 5-10 years from now, the back of my legs will look like this.

In the long run, like 20 years from now it will look exactly like this! What the F!

Mother scary, right? *Shivers* I am feeling the symptoms now. Huhu~ I need to be rich to afford varicose treatments in the future!!! Gotta study hard and get a great career! Aja!


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