Saturday, July 14, 2012

Twenty poor

I am turning twenty-poor tomorrow! Waa!
Why so fast? T^T

And honestly, until now i've no plan of how will it be..
I mean, i have classes until 7pm!!!
and i'm just so broke to host/threw a bash for myself. lol.


What are birthday's for?
I mean, come to think of it...

For me, birthday just reminds me of how my life became a mess of who I am right now. I've always tell ppl how i hate the day, and how much i don't celebrate it. Neither have even a slight happy memory of it. Sighs.

Some are too excited of their birthday, because they know they were loved since birth and wanted to cherish the day with their love ones.

Birthday is just a reminder of how much unwanted I am in this world.


Too much drama, I KNOW!

Cheer me up with birthday wish and greetings. ♥♥♥


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