Monday, June 25, 2012

♦Just some fierce eyeliner style in the house♦

Every Monday is set to be a business attire day for the students of CBAA. =) Therefore, Monday would be my favorite day of the week before sunday! ♥

I found this kewl photo in my newsfeed. It's a helpful one, right?
We gotta put on make-up too to achieve the fierce business woman peg! Lols.

I'd try to experiment all of the above when I got time to do so... Anyway, I usually draw my eyeliner the 5th one from the top of the right column. Sometimes the 1st one on the left. =)

From how I chose on the photos, obvious enough that I don't draw on my lower line. Because it will smudge later on even i use waterproof one! Then I will look like a panda, or some sleep deprived lady. I'm jealous of those who can wear eyeliner both top and bottom.

I also don't draw near my "water point" [Uh. I dunno the rite term pls] because my eyes is kinda watery like that ba. But I don't tear easily no. Err.

How do u draw your eyeliner? =)