Saturday, April 21, 2012

Most embarrassing moment so far.

Who updates her blog everyday? Meeeeeeeeeeow!!! *lolox
Why am i soo active in blogging ehh?
Because i have sooo many photos to share with you guys!!!
I'm rather bored with FB, so i will be posting my photos here! *Great!
[Just a thought that maybe some will visit this mother boring blogspot of mine to see my photos! HAHAHA! Talking as if i got some gorgeous face eih.] #thickface101

So yesterday, i received a txt msg from my cousin Larah. She asked me to visit them at Heart of Jesus Hospital, because [again] her baby Rafael was confined the other day due to high fever. #bluebaby101
I went there 6:30pm. Why? Because i had my underarm waxed after work! :D

Kisskiss sleeping baby raf :-**

Larah asked me to buy her pancit bihon @ Dacoco. Pigging out!

Me, Yvo, baby Raf, Larah.

That's baby raf's nurse [behind]! He injected him his medicine. Poor baby.

He was having hiccups so mommy here feeding him water. :) 
[Oops, thats a rather creepy view behind!]

Me just showing-off my underarm. Bwahahaha!

Showing-off Larah's cutie Sony Mp3!

 Larah holding my Zen, checking my playlist too! 

We had loads of laughs! Larah has so much funny story to tell! :)) You will never get bored with her, i tell you. :) She told me her experiences when she gave birth to baby raf... Like it's her MOST EMBARASSING MOMENT that she doesn't want to repeat. *trololox* You want to hear the story too? :D heehee.


Larah gave birth through cesarean operation. She said she was asked to remove all her clothes and change in to hospital gown in front of a number of ppl in the operating room!!! [nurses, doctor, anesthesian, etc.] And her gown is open at the back, which literally shows her whole naked back [fat ass yo!]! Just that she was damn embarassed alrd. [Who wouldn't?] Moreover, she then laid on this bed. The nurse [thankfully mid-aged woman] told her to spread her legs, cos she will shave her pubes!!! [WTF MAN! DAMN EMBARRASSING!]
*Of course she can not do that on her own because of her big tummy covering the view. :))*
She was in her complete shame! Because this nurse kept on telling her to properly spread her legs in spite of the fact that she was wearing graded eyeglass! [Here, larah is also demonstrating the nurse action. Just imagine an old person focusing her head / eyes to something she can't properly see. with some head sways?] WAHAHAHA~!!! I was bursting in to my laugher again~ BWAHAHAHA! [I still can not comprehend why they must shave it when it's a cesarean case. Somebody explain to me!!] After that, its the anesthesian's turn to do HIS job. He told Larah to turn on her side and grab / embrace her legs. HE will inject her on the spine. Larah did what she was told to do so [in shame], BUT this fellow [ in spite of Larah being all ready,] still kept talking to the other ppl inside!!! [Imagine Larah's position with her butt in full view, damn!] Tss! These professionals really doesn't sympathize Larah's feelings! Moving on, after the injection took effect, she was operated. :) 

*We know that it's just a NORMAL scene, but it's bashful of Larah as it was her first time.*

I don't want to make this post long, so i'm not telling the other stories. It was just basically, her husband's "witty" moments. Hehe! :))

Fat face + Fat arms = SEXAY! 
So i went home at 10pm.
I showered. Ate guyabano fruit, i dint ate dinner anymore as i was still full from the bihon. [Who are you kidding here xtin? Full yet can eat guyabano ah?] Then I brushed my teeth. Laid on bed. Took one more snapshot before i end the night! #camwhore101 :)

These days, day and night are just the same. HOT like HELL! -_-""

Ohh before i forget, Larah invited me to come with them on SMB Night! [It's feast time yo!] Though, i've quit drinking beer [yes, believe it or not! Just beer tho. Still can't quit alcohol, duh.] i am still going to see the band! Yeah boy! See you there! :D

I know my face looks so oily! The lighting in HOJ is bad! This private hospital, despite of their expensive rate, is not airconditioned! Well, we were just in medical room (ward) BUT still, its expensive no!

My Pony tail is cute. Agree? ^_^



Oops! Let's not forget this photo. :D

I don't see any fat! :)) WAHAHAHA!


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