Monday, April 23, 2012

Ding dong ding dong ~
I have new discovery today btw! Yaaay! (♥__________♥)
I again made fun with photo editor, and found this very cute feature. \(^.^)/

Cute right? I think i have another thing to explore and be busy about! :D wahahaha~

Before you contradict me, I KNOW its just the head that's moving! Heck. It's still cute, and i love it maxx!
I'll be making more of these cutie pies! ♥♥♥ Stay tune. Hahaha!

Good night!
I can't believe this is my shortest blog so far. Lol. Anyways, i'm sure you're not here to read anyways, but to look if i've posted pictures! HAHAHA! I'm soo thick face much. :D

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