Sunday, April 22, 2012

Omy! I can't believe Sunday is over again and that i'm back to work tmr! >.<
Nevertheless, it's quite a restful day for me, though its very Sultry. VERY SULTRY MAN!!
I only did ironing of my clothes today since i washed it on saturday night.
Speaking of last night, i slept around 2:30+am. I was editing a video of mine, yes! :))
I'll show that to you real soon. *pinkypromise*
I also received a quick call from unexpected person named K around 12+am! But i wouldn't want to be bothered from my master piece, so i ask him to hung-up quickly. *Meany*
However i woke up early, like 7+am and did not go back  to sleep cos i thought to re-edit the video i made. Hahahaha~ [I was trying to retrieve / recall my video editing ability] :)

BTW, after pooping this morning, its been a long long time since i've seen my tummy flat with noticeable circular ab-shape! I thought that my diet is effective! lol.


This days, i just eat less than a cup of rice, but eat a whole loaf of bread! I'm still thinking if eating bread is helping me reduce weight? I'm quite confused cos bread is made from flour, and flour came from "rice variety" correct me please? And i've learnt from the food pyramid, that we must consume more bread than any other carbo food. So there. Hurray that i learnt something from grade school! LOLs!

Bu then i pig-out the entire day. =||
I tried not to eat but i was offered to ate halo-halo! My endurance failed. I can't say NO to free yummy. After more than a year, i ate halo-halo again! Fattening much to cool down the body. Hayst!

8:30pm i went to Larah's home to accompany her, until 12+am.
[Her hubby was out, had performance.]

We just watched dvd. I brought the korean series Secret Garden.
Back when it was aired on GMA, she always missed it due to her stage enggagements, she's a Hyun Bin admirer! :)) I also lend her my Zen. [We're supposed to exchange mp3 for a week, but i forgot to get hers as i was in a hurry to go home. Sleepy much.]

Though i've watched that before, it's still worth watching again! ^^

While we were just bumming in the house, its getting crazy outside! Wtf.
It's the last day of Feast of San Jose! Damn! Tonight's event was SMB Night, [flows of beer yo] which i never missed, and this year i'm missing it! :( So sad i've no company to go and watch the battle of the bands as well, or watch the crazy teens shaking their ass at Rizal St! Urgh! I dint even had the chance to try the mini carnival rides! [depressed]

Hopefully next year, i won't miss this things!
In order to do that, i must either meet ppl to friends with [i've limited circle]
OR get a bf to accompany me anywhere!!! LOL!

[Any confident dude out there reading this, email me if you're interested.] :D


[decided to change my intials with my nick.]^^

Sorry NO photo to post! Next time. *winky

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