Wednesday, April 18, 2012


What to post today?
Nothing interesting at all, this is totally boring one.. *yaaaawwwns
Lemme give it a shot though. =)

For some of you, you might be curious on this.
Imma share with you guys the photo editor i'm currently using! *yipee

I've been asked about this a few times, because my pictures are obviously edited!
Those ppl who've seen me in real would say i look very much different from the photo. [K, fine.]

CMON u guys, who would want to post their fucked-face in all social media?
When there's utterly brainy awesome app developers e.g Adobe Photoshop are there to help you out and make you LOOK beautiful? Nobody in this mother earth doesn't know adobe, please!

BUT, that's not what i will share with you today. :))
Here it is!


I profusely apologize that i can not tell you the name of this awesome app. =( SORRY!
Not that i don't want, i just don't know how to read CHINESE! As you can see, its in chinese characters. #excuses101

You might say, if i can't point the name, i can at least link you to download?
Nah-ah-ahh~ :D i also refuse! *Evilwitchlaugh* #selfishbitch101
I let google to help you find this.. *tongueout

Anyway, this app is rather simple one. As you can see on the photo above, it's just an instant make-up applicator kinda editor. :D

On the left, you can choose what make-up you want, that you find suitable on your face - of course la!
While on the right is the saturation of the make-up colors u chose. Simple right? *Applause!

I provide a before and after of my shitface for your eyes to compare! *guffaw
For now i give you the right to insult my face all you want~ :D idc.

Heehee~ :)) What can you say now?
Cos all i can say is AMAZING~!!! I know u agree with me, right? :)
From a boring shit face to a fiercely pretty face!!! #selfpraise101

Power of make-up ehh?
I wish i know how to put make-up so i will look like this for real! =(

You can find 5 photo editors in my laptop. Namely:
1>Adobe Photoshop
4>another china app which i fckin LOVE too!
5>And this ONE. \(^ω^)/

That's all for today lovies.
I told you this is boring! HAHAHAHA~!!!


Lemme give u a shot of my non-edited face.
[i kinda edit the "color" though, made it a little bit vibrant?]

Not bad, is it? :D #mefromyesterday
Erm. I think i need some hair trimming no? Fringe too long alrd!


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