Monday, April 30, 2012

Three days logged.

I went at Larah's home after work to accompany her and baby raf for the night. We watched "Lie to me" a comedy-romantic Korean series that stars Yoon Eun Hye. ♥ I stayed there until her hubby arrived around 3:30am. I asked the hubby to send me home 4am for me to get proper doze.

Unfortunately i felt lazy and heavy to wake up and prepare to work. I texted my boss and told him i have LBM and excue me for the day. LOL. [But really, my tummy was a bit weird that day] I manage to sleep the entire day!!! :)) Yes! although i woke up 10am to eat then goes back to sleep after. Haha! I force wake up myself 3+pm cos i received a msg from KC, asking if i am free as she was in the town. We exchanged msgs and agreed to meet 6pm. But she was an hour late! We ate first at Daisy's Resto Garden, had some chitchat. We wanted to drink cocktails, but the bar dun have bartender, so we decide to change place. Billed out. [It was her treat for coming late!] On the way, we called Andrea to asked where she is. Fortunately she was at Maharlika Restobar where we exactly want to go! So we meet up there. Andrea was obviously going wasted when we arrived. They already had 3buckets of RH. We joined their table. I really don't want to drink beer ever, trying to save my belly. :)) We chose to drink Jose Cuervo, and bought a bottle. Andrea treat us crispy pata. But again, i couldn't indulge as i was trying to avoid fatty fried foods. [Oh diet life, is so boring.] Btw, we are 7ppl. I dint got high, or tipsy or dizzy. Nothing at all. [Whatta waste] I dint enjoyed the night, just thankful that i was with my loves at least. :) On the other hand, Andrea was such a happy girl. DRUNK and lousy. She puked when were about to leave the place. We left 12+am. We're supposed to send Andrea and her cousin home but Andrea refused. *OK* I manage to go home almost 1am. :) Exactly when power was shut down! It was a night of serious uncomftable sultryness!! The power regained 9+am.

I again slept the entire day! It was so hot that i did not touch my laundries despite of it being soaked outside from yesterday. Haha! Went to church 3:30pm. Initially i don't want to attend, but i couldn't. Oh well. God is good all the time! 6+pm i started to washed my clothes. Finished quarter to eight. Showered. Went to Larah's parents, it was her mom's 52nd birthday! Ate dinner there and went home 10+pm. I was sleepy despite of sleeping too much for the past 2days! OMG! What is wrong with my body clock this days? I sleep like a baby! My brain has been excessively hibernating! I always feel heavy and lazy, as a result. :(( Like a sloth. :(( I guess i was a sloth or a cat in my past life! I am lazy, admitted. *Sighs*. Anyways, this May, i might drop my diet! As we have 3birthdays to look forward. My sacrifice might went for nothing again. :(( But then, i've been reducing my food intake for a month and yet can't see any weight loss. WTF! I think diet is useless, counter with too much sleep! 

Back to my queendom. Sat on my chair, crossed legs, while blogging this. Hello boring life!
This is again an extremely boring day! In fact i feel like quitting my job. [YES! I just need a valid reason to walked out.] I just want to scream out of the boredom i get each day. :O Its more depressing than having yourself imprisoned, literally. At least there i''ll have inmates to talk nonsense with. *SIGHS* It's freakin HOT in my office even if the aircon is on! I feel like i'm inside the oven. Jesus! I prefer staying at home and supine and be a mother pig. Every blazing day just kills my mood and make my hormones mad! Bloody hell! Plus today i received two msgs, asking me to lend them money. Is there something in my forehead that says, "hey i am a walking money lender!"??? I am so BROKE that i can't even afford to buy tampons now! I am supposed to feel pretty every Monday, but i am just so fucked up everyday. I just want to go cut my wrist and forever be numb. #moody101



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