Tuesday, April 10, 2012

La Union Roadtrip

Hello blogspot world! :D

I suppose my first entry should be a brief blog about myself, I'll pass to that for now! *winks

Imma share with you my recent getaway-escapade with my true loves! =)
Shall i give u background story of our friendship?
Naaaaaaaah~ thats boring right? But please spare me your golden time. I'll make it briefly, really brief!

So they are:
Kaycee, Jerry aka Andrea Marie, Shine, Jollivie, Marinel, and yours truly. =^o^=


Originally we are 6, but we've lost 1. She's not dead yet we just lost contact with her okay. We almost lost another 1 but got in touched with her after two freakin years, thanks to her though, she is the major reason why we had this trip possible. :]

Aist! i dunno how to keep going on the "story telling" leh, i'm really bad at it. -_-
The pictures will help me speak!!! So lets not keep you bored to death reading my "unsolid thoughts".

First stop ->

Visited our long-lost friend Jollivie at their home in Lupao! It's also our first time seeing her 1+ daughter who looks like her back when... heehee. Her baby, Jhale Mizhielle *omg i hope i spelled it right!* is so adorable. ^^ She smile / laugh a lot, not like other babies who are scared with unfamiliar ppl! She's a friendly kid! :D

We spent an hour in their place, they prepared lunch for us. Duck-adobo (which i don't eat), Fried milkfish,  sliced native mango+tomato+alamang *damn good!*

I remember shyne asked me why i don't eat duck, "because its dirty, it swamp at slough!".
And yes, basically! *all laughs.

After lunch, we brought mommy Jollivie and baby jhale with us, and head to her parent's place. We went there because we wanted to harvest some of their crop vegies / fruits to bring home with us! hahaha.

 @ Jollivie's backyard! Ready to brush away the fields and harvest to our satisfaction! bwahahaha!

Pictures below is us of course! crossing / walking / balancing our fat ass on the fields weir
under the extremeness of the fierce sun!!! NO SFP applied, poor skin, burnt again.. T^T
I think we've sweat our groin too. Hahaha! :)))) i am so thankful to myself i've worn sweat shirt, the fabric is cotton ok, and i've totally no idea that we'll go this far u know. I was innocently ready! :P

 Green fields + humidity + Sun
crop rice field
We've reached a dead end here->
We need to cross the cliff in front of that tree, behind that is where the melon fields at!

Here we are jumping off! Yeah baby! ->
Jollivie bravely "flew" first, she's so thin that perhaps the wind carried her! lololx
 Look (above) at kaycee's face cheering on me! Thanks my love! :) 
while short legs shyne sets to jump below!
 Kaycee, being the most feminine, is freaked out by shyne.. hahaha!
So yeah, we were NOISY during that situation. It was fun, u should try too! :D

We've successfully passed, and met the melons. Yipees!!! ^.^
We met the owner'S, us being thick-face, prettily asked them if we could get it FREE. lols!
and tan tan tan tannnnnn~  ^O^

See that basket FULL of melons!? bwahahahaha!

We indeed still got charm despite of our super sweat-face. Thank you so much to the kind guys. Sorry we purposely dint brought money with us, just imagine our hardships, its more than the price of those melons! The owners asked us not to tell other ppl that we got it for free! So shush! hehehe. :)

When we got back at the house, we got no idea what to do next. Kaycee told me, back when she fetch me home, that we might go for a short swim somewhere. However,  it is not planned nor thought that we will be going to La Union beach!  We girls, being reunited, wanted to have bonding moments. So we were thrilled! Plus, Andrea was there too! The down point is, we hardly knew our direction. We left the house around 2pm. Kaycee being the driver, is so patient. FREAKIN' patient that she always asked shyne our way. Scared to get lost, ain't she? hehehe. :))

FINALLY! Kaycee manage to drove away and took us to La Union! Safe and sound baby! Hallelujah!

And this is the view that welcomed us!!! BEHOLD! lmfao.

The ocean is fckin wavy dude, pretty much nice to play with your surf board i bet ya! ^^

We brought our swim wear with us actually, BUT nobody has towel! WTF!
So we couldn't afford to get wet. I've no plans to swim though, cos of my period. But the girls??? Tsk.tsk.tsk!

 I'm not doing kung-fu okay, i was just playing with the wind!!!?
 Writing our gang name, PITBULLS! <3
*You must be wondering why we chose the name, i dunno too!*
 OMG. Look at those waves!!!

My bare feet. Soaked in the fine sand. :)

Since nobody is willing to swim, we enjoyed ourselves by camwhoring here and there as u can see!
We played at the shore. Tried to capture "jump shot". Play chase with the wave. Snack. :D
After a short while...

Here comes the sunset! Weeee~ ^___^

 It was a long fckin hot day and now, beautiful sunset! <3
FYI. We dint even spent an hour at the shore! Waste of gas you might say, but we enjoyed being together. :)

We left the beach around 6pm. And to our surprise, they have this procession at the main road!
So the street was closed! T__T

We were asked to turn around and took the other long route. What a trouble! We dint knew the way out so basically we asked directions to locals we passed by that lead us to skimpy road! Wth, almost got lost!  Thank God we're able to escaped from chaos! I felt bad for Kaycee though. I knew she was darn tired controlling the steering wheel, and stepping on the engine. :'(

Kaycee, you know we love you so much! THANK YOU! xoxo*

 Stop-over to buy varieties of dried fish! :)

We couldn't reached Andrea's phone that whole fckin day man, so we dint met her! She's always like that, always hard to find when needed.. Until now, no news on her whereabouts!
Maybe the ocean, or the sand swallowed her! lololx

We manage to got home by 10pm. Poor Kaycee. =(
It was raining that time back home. An i was home alone for 3 creepy nights! O_o

For the rest of the photos, click this ESCAPADE. <3 thanks!
This memorable trip happened last April 6th (Good Friday). :)

As i was writing this, I've been a prey to these cruel mosquitoes whose fuckin addicted to my blood!!! Pfft!!


  1. thanks my Love... the freaking Long drive was aLL worth it because we're together... That experience might took another year(s) to have its remake... GLad we're aLL safe... Hope to have that kind of road trip with you aLL... ^_^

    1. Loveyou more! thankyou for being so generous and kind all this yearsss! <3