Thursday, April 12, 2012


11 Things About Me
I was editting my blog profile, but ths random shit is so wordy that the disposed characters are not enough, so imma blog this nalang. heehee..

Here we go...

 Born under the Zodiac Sign Crab, year of the Earth Dragon.

 Weights about 112lbs. Ikr? i'm a PIG!
but i'm trying to reduce eating rice, yet i eat breads like maddd!

 I'm your average 161cm dude. *barefeet. :D

♡ With Blood Type of B+
***i remember watching this U-Kiss Vampire Episodes about guys living together having different blood types to reveal each type's true colors, and that made me googled about Type B's character/personality! Have u checked yours? :D

 I am an ALIEN. Why? My shitty birth registry is filled with fckin lies! :)))

 Obviously my eyes could make you think
i'm mixed blood, yes! Of Sing-chinese and Filipino genes
 yet i'm damn FUGLEY! #bangsheadonthewall.jpg

 Recently dealing with my Constipation Dilemma *click*. I think i've spoilt my digestive system from relying to laxative teas! And no matter what i eat, i can't bring it to its normal again. I might die from colon cancer someday! *Sighs --o

 i hate that i was born with mega sensitive skin!
i don't have porcelain fair complexion i admit, i'm very much vulnerable to insect bites! Leaves me with petty ugly scars / patches.These mothafckin blood SUCKERS
 are my forever mortal enemies!!! >_< my skin looks GROSS!
And that annoying feeling when every part of your body is itchy?
I think i've acquired lymphatic filariasis *click*. My legs are massive,
to the point that it already worries me. Its almost even with my thighs, gaaawwddddd! 

♡ Weakness? Decision making. #facepalm.jpg

 On my facebook photo album numerology,
one friend commented that
"I live modernly yet with a classic mind"
i must agree with her, indeed when it comes to 

 I'm mad looking for someone with TLC! Anyone?
Ehhh? Do i sound like a desperate whore here? >:)

Effin waste of time reading ths, ikr? Who would want to read nor care to know me?
When I'm just a NOBODY. Sarreeh!
Wanted to exercise my neurons for a bit.
I'll say something interesting next time, kk?

That's all for now, thank you's!


  1. haha love it! dude, your 112 lbs, dont comlain! haha, i'd kill to be your weight! ;P

  2. Thanks plumi! =) 112lbs is 52kg!!! i look damn short bcos of my weight. *pinchbelly*