Monday, April 16, 2012

My lust could be yours...

I want to buy two new heels!!!
But i'm effin broke, and i couldn't afford anything right now!
Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhdddddddddddddddddddd!! TT_TT
I only have Php2k to save me for the rest of the month! Poor me.

Why life is soo harsh on me? *flipstable

Can somebody buy me these? *puppyface *twinklingEyes
I drooled just by lookin at these lustylicious-sweethearts!

(SGD127) I bloody want a RED shoes evaaaar!

(SGD217) I'd die for this angel!!! =(

(SGD150) This lovely will spiced up my little black dress.

(SGD105) Touch of wild prints is KICKASS!

Did i say i want two? Errr.
I want FOUR! i fckin want this FABULOUS heels from SYUSHU *click*!!!
Fairy-God-Mother, where the hell are you??? Please appear nowwwwwww!!! TT-TT

Ehhh.. I'm not advertising their heavenly awesome creations!
*I'm praising them too much, ikr?
*Christine calm down puhleeeeeeeeaassse!
* Heartburstingmuch eih!

Seriously, I just fuckin want them!!! I'd die to have even ONE.
*So now i'm down to one. See how broke i am, i can't own them all even in my effin dreams!

Just take a look at their page and you'll know how i feel! -_-'
I must bloody work my ass out to afford my lusts for shoes.

*goes back to work and die.


I found something! -they have kickass collection both for men and women from head to toe!

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