Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lately i've lost my enthusiasm in blogging. =(
Life is getting uninteresting day after day. SERIOUSLY.

The factor that is a MAJOR reason for this is the BLOODY SUMMER SEASON we are experiencing now in the Philippines! [Yes, unfortunately am here.] Everyday is like FREAKIN SULTRY, not actually, but more like BURNING from the BLAZING FLAME of ultra violet rays that goes deep within the veins! Gaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Wearing SPF lotion feels irritatingly sticky too!

EXTREMELY HOT like how the bible describes INFERNO!? [exagg much?] Temperature here is ranging from 33-37•C, WTF is going on MOTHER EARTH? Why like this? =(( Night time is also very VERY hot. Even you shower 10x you'll sweat right after! *swear!

But then, i wonder how the middle east ppl survive their HELLISH WEATHER? Plus they wear super covered clothes from head to foot [muslim ppl]. It's like their toasting their human body no? How numb. :||
I'll DIE the minute i step-in their country! [or somebody from there will kill me.]

Right now, i don't have the LIFE to share with you. *poutmax*
This blog might be utterly boring for you readers.
[Yea right, i sense your already yawning and will go back to facebook instead.]

Let's not make this nonsense long.
I'll bribe you with these photos i took before i had my fringe trimmed. =)

 Shot early morning, my face is rather swollen.

 This one is nice, eventho its blurry. ♥ #dreamyeffect.jpg

 Mad LOVE this! ♥♥♥ [ikr, my nose looks big! hmft!]


So there. Why do i put a little effort dressing-up trying to get that office girl look?
It's because my job is super boring [secretary here with handful of free time to slack yo!] so  if i won't dress-up I SUCKED BIGTIME!
I want to look somewhat professional?, so ppl wouldn't thought how much pain in the ass i really am. :)

I thought of cutting my hair to shoulder level btw, but naaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
I'll regret it max like in the past! My hair takes forever to grow. =( And i want to have really long hair, like waist level? That would only happen if i can ENDURE not to have it cut for how many years, i dunno. *Gasp
What to do with my dreadfully frizzy, dry, damaged, colored [badly needs retouch], hair?

That is why i needed the trimmed.  BAD HAIR DAY.

Please don't forget to put on some deo when you go out. It's really gross to see fellas wearing a shirt with wet underarms! [The fact that you ppl will soon have body odor, or perhaps you already have.]
Everyone, lets all be hygienic! It's the season of body consciousness! \(^>^)/

LOL. :))))


  1. Love ur office attire :) especially the top very nice

    1. Thanks! :) the flower made the top look nice. very simple. ^^