Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just some old photos i found while browsing my laptop last night as i synced my playlist. =)

♥ I am PRETTY here. YES! Without self hesitation, and humbleness! ♥
Taken way back 2009 or 2010? *Scratchhead*

My hair is kinda short here. I had my hair cut really short up until my nape. Kinda slantwise cos it's a bit long in front like Victoria Beckham's trademark hairstyle? But with this one, it already grew. HAHA!
This was 2010!=)

Ohmy! I look scary with big eyeballs no?
That is the first ever contact lens that i bought in 2011! Its 14.5mm i think? It's soo difficult to put it on my small eyes! In reality look, it almost covers all the white of my eye! :))

I thought of blogging my "evolution" look, but i was supine that i only chose this three. Hehe. There's always a next time! Just hold tight on this blog and you'll see more of your amore. ♥ trololols. =D

Note: Gonna update this specific blog soon to provide old photos.


I am again #likeamadbull mode! I was AGAIN uploading my video, about 97% done when the sudden POWER INTERUPTION shut's down the pc! FUCKING HELL! This is really testing my patience. I couldn't be affected, i can't brawl at anyone except the pc then i would look like a retard if i make cursing noise. URRRRRGGGGHHH! *FROWNlikeAbulldog*

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