Tuesday, April 24, 2012

♦ Knee-high-socks-is-kewl ♦

What happened ytd?
I camwhored of course! Even today actually. :))
Despite of having stacks of papers to finished, at the end of the day, i had tons of pic to show you. *Yay!
Happy now? LOL! :))) [Like i said, i'm not gonna upload albums in facebook anymore.] 

In my astrology sign, it says there that Monday is always a lucky day for me. Indeed. Cos i think i look good on Monday! BWAHAHAHA! Guess why? Because Sunday is my only off day, and i'm just bumming at home getting as much sleep as i want! Therefore i look good on Monday! lmfao. :D However, this was on Tuesday! WAHAHA! :)))




I don't want to spam this space with my same fugley face, so i made the photos in to collage! :]

NOTE: Photos above are NOT edited. The glow effect is from the webcam feature. Try it too!

My Office attire for the day! HAHAHA! Cute right? ^_^

Because its damn HOT nowadays! >.<

After work, i went to Larah's house to get my Zen. Stayed there until 7pm. Me and her went to see the funfair before it leave the town. We rode the "anchor's-away" where in, my one pair of sock was dropped together with my lipgloss! [The one i'm wearin in the photo. I took it off when i reached their house. Went bare legs at the fair] The ride was fun though. There's this family, [mom+dad+kiddo], took the same ride with their kid! At first the kid was enjoying it, with so much happiness on his face.  ^______,^  Later on as the speed and height of the anchor's increases, the kid went pale like about to faint and DIE alrd!!! You silly parents really! Are you trying to prove anything? *rollseyes* After that, we tried the "octopus" ride. Gaaah! Not fun at all, i just felt like my tummy went upside down after. We dint tried on the other rides cos its damn lousy! All for kiddos. So we just roam at the bargain clothes, but dint even bought a single clothe, quality is bad! We went home 10pm. :)

Let's talk about today [4/25/12].
I'm just so pissed off from the text msg i received. My mom is asking me to give her money. Not that i'm parsimonious, but anything abt my mom just irritates me. =|| Forgive me Lord.

I recieved the facial treatment i bought online from a friend!
Hoping for the best result! Will start to use it tonite. =)

I'm trying to upload a video of  myself *ahem* in facebook, like godzillion times since ytd!!!
Im soo pissed cos still it won't upload! Like done with 80% then internet will disconnect and must repeat again and again and again and again! FUCKING HELL! Will try again tmr. Hmft!

  Rak en Rol. :))


Just about less than 1min after i post this blog.


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