Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Another equally boring day ehh?
Well, not mine! I'm gonna have this smile!
It's just a nonsense reason you'd think, but please..
I'm just in a simple bliss!
Imma blog this!!! :) [lol, rhimey!]

So here's the reason why, its YUTAKI!!! heehee. #fangirl101
He posted this pic below. [Saw at my newsfeed.]
He was asking which of the two is better, and so i commented.

 "Volume 1 or Volume 2 photobook cover do you prefer?

As you've read the EXCHANGE of comments we had,
[*hell yea, that is just the reason why i'm in such a giggle! "EXCHANGE" heehee.*]
you'd probably spot the funny part!? [If not then go read again, aiyooo!] OMG! *gasp*
I'm just soo stupid! #shameness101
I did not properly read the caption and so I've reversed that the photo on the left is the volume 1-summerlove, which is NOT!!! Totally stupid of me. *knockshead10x*

I got excuse though! Hmft!
Maybe because i dint ate breakfast [my stomach is crappy empty since i've drank tea last night and pooped this morning-excuse me please!], and that i'm starving to death already, plus its super hot can faint anytime soon feeling, and and i'm just so fanatic to comment abruptly. Can pass?
[okay la, lame one but true.]

I must be crazy right? I'm happy for my stupidity while i should be like feeling embarrassed now, and yet i've shared this idiotic topic today. *la la la~ nvm. :D

The feeling of having a face-to-face-conversation-for-a-moment-kinda-thing *whew! that's long!* is just something to be hoity-toity about! If you're a fangirl, you'd know. I just felt he's kind and friendly enough to respond, unlike other names who'd just ignore the comments bcos they're some popular face already and that perhaps they've no interest to interact with ppl lower than their lvl. Oh well, papel...

Anyways, what do u think guys? Which for you is better?
I've voted for the summer love theme btw! ^_^

Back to me now...
I kinda like my outfit today i must really say. :)
It's just a normal one though, nothing to splurge about.
But, but, but i likey likey!! haha!
Cause today I'm such a lady in black. *hell yea!* #iloveblack
I look like i can have the lady role for the next MEN IN BLACK movie!
Well of course,  next to Will Smith and Josh Brolin. #daydreaming101

Just out of nowhere, can i say i fuckin lurrrve Will Smith!!?!  *guffaw*
He's one HOT dude with a humour to Laugh Out Loud~ maddd love! 

Oyea, i'm always on my pink flops at office. :) That's my black-strap-heeled-shoe undaa.. :D

On my table and chair. My collar ribbon is damn cute! ^.^

It's so hot and yet i'm in black no? wtf! lolololx~ :))
In short i look slim enough for my eyes to like, k.
Because we all know i'm a piglet. Yea, not a mother pig anymore. *snicker*


Before i end this, i feel like i must include this too~

Agree? :)

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