Thursday, April 19, 2012

When the cat is away, the mouse will PLAY!
Hell yeah!!! :)))))
Cause today, i'm totally FREE~!!! Yiiihaaaa!

My boss went out of town with his siblings yesterday! And yes, they're gonna have this family reunion!!!
Therefore i'm completely slacking today.. *whistle *whistle

Pictures of me this morning~ ^_^ in black as usual. #Ieffinloveblack

 I dunno why i have double eyebags when i sleep at least 8hrs a day! >.<

 This photo reminds me of my RED HAIR days last year. :)

And there's my facebook profile!!! That cover photo is from my previous post. :) There's my laptop too!
I was playing with it this morning, using this cyberlink youcam software. And to my surprise, i am not taking snapshots but recording a vid! Those are the vids on the screen!!! hahaha! I was like laughing crazy when i found out! Then i decided to why not post the vids, its hilarous of me. :)) And so i edit it and put them altogether. :D I almost forgot how to use the video editor, but i succeeded! Too bad i can't post it here. =( since this  blogspot doesn't support video uploading. Click this if you want to watch me. \(^>^)/

Anyways, i'm going to have underarm wax this aftie! :)) It's been a month since the last. [It's not disgusting yet, fyi. In case you'd say yuck for not waxing it sooner. LOL.] The "waxer" [dunno how to address her] says i need to grow it a bit so it can all be remove smoothly. :)

Ohh let me retrieve my word. I'm not totally slacking #likeaboss today. I keep-up with emails, and checking on available construction projects nearby on the net and email it to boss, mind you. The thing is, my boss will NOT call me! Yesss! :D

I also write notes, cos sometimes boss calls me even on off time! -__-"


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