Friday, June 29, 2012

6/25/12 Wedlock after parteyyy with myloves! ♥

I do not know how to start, and where to start!
A lot has been happening to my life, but I just don't have a good memory to start sharing things. Alas! Anyways, I have met myloves twice this week! Happy much. =)))

Firstly, we meet-up because ate grace tied the knot with her long-time bf! [Best wishes ate Grace!!! ♥ Keep the fire burning and make a lot of love! Hee!] I manage to steal the photos from the incharge wed-photographer. And here they are.. ;)

 With the bride and the groom. :)

With myloves. ♥♥♥

We actually arrived late. I came from school, while Kaycee fetched Andrea from far away. The reception was almost out of ppl. But at least we were able to greet the newly weds! :) It was one of a kind wedding. It's a twin wedding! Haha! The groom's were really twins in real life. :)

After the wedding, we head to the bride's house to eat a little since we're late from the reception. Quick mush, we head to our recent favorite bar [Old 37] to partey a bit. Supposedly, it was just a "party a bit" drinking session. But it turned out we getting crazzzzy drunnnkkk!

We had 3bottles of Smiroff vodka, and a bottle of Bacardi mojito. :) We couldn't drank it all, so 1 bottle of Smirnoff was left. Needless to say, we had ENOUGH [enough to make us threw-up and staggering!]. I've NO vivid memory of what happened the time when we're already drunk. -_-" Andrea and Kaycee slept over my house, but I don't even know until I woke up and saw them lying beside me! HAHAHA!

Based from their stories, Kaycee threw up in front of my uncle. -_- And Alvin drove us home cos she can't held the wheels anymore. I had no idea at all! =__=" We had a drink with some new found friends from Kaycee's circle. I din't caught my first class that day due to hangOver. But I manage to reached my afternoon class [thanks myloves for driving me to school!] in accounting, though I was groggy and couldn't even understand a single word. -_-

Imagine how drunk we were?
Have you tried getting all drunk? With ZERO memories the ff day?
That is so troublesome right?! The other ones are going to make a story about some embarrassing moments you had, did or did not. Count on Andrea [the story maker] when it comes to that! *rollseye*

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