Friday, June 15, 2012

More expenses to surmount!


I've updated my template. :)
Perfect for rainy season these days. So cozy.^^

Just had an orientation for new and transfer students, so I din't go to school today!

It was discussed during the first day that:
• 3 consecutive absents equals Unofficially DROPPED, mark 5 or F grade.
• 7 absents for / per semister equals Unofficially DROPPED, mark 5 or F grade.

Will reconsider if student have MC or sworn statement provided.
Wtf! What if no money for fare? How to go? Can reason meh? -_-''

One more problem. I NEED TO BUY UNIFORM SOON! Dammit!
I have so much money, my wallet is full of cash, problem is they're all play notes! Wtf! Next month, nobody will be allowed to enter the CBAA if not in uniform! WTF!

Some more, I NEED TO BUY BOOKS!!! T_T
It is required because we will use the book's provided quizzes for every discussion! No borrowing to avoid cheating. Dammit!

I think I need to rob a bank soon. >_<
I need to recruit forces now.


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