Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fuel to the fire.

Just a day after we had a blast of undying liquor flows, we three meet-up again! 6/28/12. Primarily because Kaycee needs to attend a meeting with her "Royale club".

I firstly met with Andrea. Together we met Renz and his friends, just to kill time while waiting for Kc. We moved to different bar [Magellan]. I met up with my previous boss there [before Andrea] cos he was asking me a favor to attend a bidding the ff day! I can't refuse though. -__- Fortunately, when we arrived there, my exboss wasn't around anymore, but his colleagues were still drinking over and they noticed me. -__- They even gave us a free drink in our table, but we insist food instead. =) HAHA!

10pm, finally saw Kc. She fetch us and get our ass moved quickly to Old37 cos her "Royale club" members are waiting for us! Wtheck!

I was wearing a K-pop-kinda-get-up that night! =__=!!! Whilst these ppl were wearing casual clothes. My baddd. We had a little dinner with them, and a little bit of booze too [Bacardi Apple and a slight zip of Lights]. They were talking about their business and we feel so outside of the circle, unable to relate with the topic but seems like they want to sign us in with them, but NO thanks pls. We're broke pls. lolols.

Spot me! :))) [Fr kuya nicol's fb.]

The guy's present were 90% good lookings! *Kiligs! Bad picture quality though.

Lasted there for until the bar closes at 1am. Andrea, Lyka with her bf, and I did nothing the whole time. So lame. Thank you for the faces though, they made us feel full anyways. :)

 Outside Old37. It's better to chill outside. The couch is darn soft!
Plus look at my freakin BIG legs! What the fck have I done with you? =__=

After Old37, we were suppose to go to Maharlika Bar. That day has a fair jinx. All bars were closed!!! So our last option was to check-in a lounge for us to drink and for them to rest over night. We checked-in at Tokyo suites, and NO, your thoughts is soo dirty plsss...

Me, Kaycee, Andrea, drink with Sir Adrian, Raffy, and 1more. While Lyka and her bf were cuddling inside. :) We drank Cuervo, while the boss's drank Jayson Mason [wtf. I forgot the name but it is some kind of a wine].

All through out the night we talked STILL about the royale club. Aaah! I want to pass-out now. Though the guys were cracking some jokes, still. I was like a statue that time, and they noticed that. I dunno why, just that I've nothing to say? LOL! I was disturbed by the time that flew fast.

But because I have compromised with my exboss to represent him for the bidding, I needed to go ahead first. And that just ruined the night, as they all stopped the drinking. Kc and Raffy gave me a ride cos it was freaking 4:30am already and there's no more trike awake in town!

And guess who/what welcomed me home?

Waa! That's the first time I heard and saw him yell to me like a mad bull! T_T
He was cussing on me. T____T Fml.
He know's that I have prior responsibility to attend in Pampanga [the bidding] and what made him super at rage was me coming home 4:40 freakin A.M dude, with the smell of alcohol and the fact that we went home lurching the other night too. And I have to leave by 5:30am, for the bidding to get there in time. The only thing I can do is to turn my back on him [while cursing on me] and move quickly to my room and grab the towel and bathe! Why so bad, ikr. I have to russssh no!

I dint slept. Slept on my way back home a little. Dint ate properly. Had very little food in my stomach for the whole day! And forgot to mention, I haven't eaten properly since Wednesday due to my hangOver. It killed my appetite.

So the moment i'm home, I just changed and faint in my bed! Hibernate from 6pm to 6am!!! Fml. And again dint manage to fill my stomach. Ouch.

The ff day, I wake-up without my uncle and cousin at home. I went to the office to report about the bidding. And now I dunno what's waiting for me. I heard my uncle is still very much angry. Fml. I can smell that i'm going to be kicked out. Dafuq.

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