Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blues and bliss of a freshman.

Ohayou! :)
Hajimemashite. Doozu Yoroushiku!! \(^_^)/

Yes, I am learning the basic Japanese language for my FL100 class which will tackle basics of nihongo. How cool is that? Maddd love! ♥ Some more, our teacher is so so nice! I mean, she looks really gentle and weak, soft spoken and a very simple lady [though she's already married] like kind of a person. :) At first, I thought we could choose from Nihongo/Mandarin/French class, sadly the Uni only offers Nihongo for Marketing class. She told me though, that if i want to, I could attend Spanish class and sit-in with economics-students. How nice of her, ikr! :) Sadly, I can't.

Anyways, I thought first week of schooling would be easy... However, as I attended my daily classes, I have been feeling exhausted easily. My class scheds are toxic. Since I am an irregular student, I have been going to different sections different classrooms, and it's hard to fit-in the bunch!

I have 2subjs for 1st yr, 3subjs for 2nd yr, and 1subj each for 3rd and 4th yr! So i'm like an alien for every class wtf! And until now, I haven't got the chance to make friend with anyone. How sad. :(

For all the classes/sections I attended, I am always the eldest I think. They're mostly in 16's-20's and I am turning 24 soon, so age perhaps is really a barrier! Some studs I've had shortly talked with, says I look very intimidating, unaffable, and un-approachable [wtf]. I can not blame them, can I? I always had this impression invisibly tattooed [at least for me] in my forehead ever wtf is wrong with me?!

Age is really an issue. And I think, the way I dress-up also gives them this impression too. Yes I know that I dress-up very distinct in the crowd. I honestly like dressing up outstanding than anyone, but not to the point that I look like an alien! I like the "businesswoman look" kinda feel. Since I dun have my uniform tailored yet, I always wear like that. Therefore, students then thought I am one of the new faculty. Sarcastically, funny!

I hate wearing pants. I feel uncomfy with them nowadays since I have been used of wearing pencil/bodycon skirts for work. But [I think, at least in my observation] the major thing that makes me distinctive from the multitude [not just from my college but from the other depts as well], is my passion for wearing high heels! I get compliments mostly, but I can never be criticism free. :)

Most of the students seems to recognize me because of my shoes. HAHA! Imagine, they would look at the shoes first then look up to the person wearing them dafuq. HAHA! It is not easy to wear high heels and walk-on with them, I tell you. Specially when the road/path is rough/rocky. And every freakin day, I gotta walk for like 250m[?] just from the Uni gate going to my college dept on a terrible road! It's really a hard work you know. HAHA! My calves, soles, toes are all hurting at the end of the day to be honest.

Why wear effin high-heels ikr? You wouldn't understand unless you grow up kiddos. =) Let's put it this way, I go for fashion over comfort [unlikely, most of the time]. They say first impression always last, for that, appearance is always a factor. No matter how intelligent the person is, if s/he dress unfavorably, it impacts the impression / standard of the others whilst if the person is not as intelligent, s/he can look smart from the way  s/he  dress. Either way, clothing/grace has a great role or influence to ones personality. ^^ [WHAT THE?!? Are you kidding me? LOL.] =)) I like slutty clothes too, does that makes me a slut? Fml.

More about school.
We have been asked to make homeworks/assigments for some subjects. And being an excited student as I can be, I am thrilled and challenged to impress my prof with the grade/score I might get. So I burnt the midnight oil reading the books I got, researching, and then horribly write them down in a sheet. I have been sleeping for 5hours a day bcos of these. To my disappointment, every freaking assignment that is given to us, the papers were not collected wtf!!! So the effort of answering and working on them over time is not counted/graded, correct? DARNIT! So now, it gives me the impression of its-okay-not-to-do-your-assignments-because-it-won't-be-check-anyways feeling. Very negative impression right? Teachers, teachers, you're such a pain. You're teaching the freshman how not-to-do and just neglect the assignment given. Tss! Tss!


What else happened?
A lot. Like how I needed to change then add a subj and changes of schedules and hunt the respected profs, and getting photocopies, to bringing my laptop at school to access wifi for that freaking assignments, up to getting criticism for my highheels passion. Oh life! College students are FULL of Self INSECURITIES.

Baby. I don't give a flying fck to your shits.
YOU can NEVER BE ME, and I CAN never BE YOU. =)
[Read the above as with color too.]

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