Thursday, June 7, 2012


There were times that I lost my faith and determination to enroll, but because of some friends encouragement, I still pursued to do so. Thank you.


It has been 5x of going back and forth to the university with extremely unforgiving sunny weather.
Bloody walks. Painful calves. Dying intravenous. Grumbling stomach. Undying queues. 
I did sacrificed and struggled a lot just to get in. Finally, I made it. :)

Thank God.

However, I am quite uncertain how long I am gonna hold-on to school.
I am going to be jobless as soon as i start schooling. And I just don't know where to get my allowance. Wtf. HAHA! I've spent my small savings upon the process of my enrollment, so now i'm officially broke too! :'(

Because of my absence from work, I don't have a salary to expect before the classes start next week.
I have terribly MISCALCULATED everything.

Did i made the right decision? Or did i just drag myself to failure?

Suggestions I can NEVER consider:

*Ask my relatives for help. This is not their problem. I have been a burden to them in the past years, and they have their own burden to solve as well. I made this decision without consulting my family nor got their approval. Try to understand my position.

*I've NO PLANS of asking my DAD's help too, so don't try to imply that. This is not about pride. Everybody knows that me and dad can never get a long. Singapore culture is completely different from Filipinos, wherein Filipinos rely to their parents until they die. I am not a teenager anymore to ask for financial support, at my age, I should be providing my own needs, and should be the one giving the old ones.

Oh yeah, since I made this decision myself, I should shoulder all consequences, and die myself. Thanks.

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