Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well hello everyone! :)

So school already began, as you know.
Wednesday was my first sit-down class like a true student for a very long time ago! I'm really happy. The school is soo crowded. Students were scattered everywhere! :) #lovecampuslife

My schedule had a little conflict though. 2 subjects [Basic Accounting and Business Finance] that day simultaneously sched at the same time! So I dint attend the other one. After class, I went to see the registrar and asked him what to do. I was advised to look for other sched available and ask the professor to include me in the list. Settled! :)

Normally, first day of school doesn't immediately take on lectures and subjects discussion.Technically, first day is like meet and greet! So there, self introductions!

Sadly, and obviously, I was the eldest in my class. My classmates were mostly 16's and 17's wtf! What to expect anyways, i'm and oldfart for school I know! >.<

Kaycee called me early lunch, before I went to school. She will meet up with me after class. She burst a shocking news that our former professor in STI [our previous school], committed SUICIDE! OMFG! >_<

Waited for Kaycee to fetch me in front of my school for more than an hour! She says the traffic was terrible due to road construction and busy roads since it's rush hour.

We met. Went to her house to eat for a while. My tummy had a feasts. ^^
After that she also accompanied and drove me to pass my CV. What a good friend!!! I'm so loved! 
Thanks Kaycee, you're the BEST!!! ♥♥♥

We went to SPA for some quick body massage while waiting for Andrea. I'm broke [no joke], but I insist, my treat! HAHA! Oh crappp! That's like good enough for my one week fare to school, but never mind. It happens once in a blue moon. :)

After that, we went to the funeral. We find out the story/reason behind the tragic death. We did not stayed for long, just an hour. And then we met with Andrea and drove off to Old37 [newly opened bar].

I think it's the best bar in the city. Quite classy. :)

We had our dinner there, and booze after! :) Kaycee's treat of course! Ate Jhanice joined us with her bf. She is working in the Spa where I frequent. She had massage my body before and saw my whole butt naked! WAHAHA! And today, she massage Kaycee. So ate Jhanice had seen BOTH our hidden flaws. LMFAO!

 Food trips! Harhar.

We had loads of yummy fattening dish. I've eated a lot, and that concludes my ruined food discipline wtf! Drank Smirnoff vodka. PURELY! Wtf! Last time we had this drink, was in espresso flavor which i bought in Changi Airport. Now, this one is pure vodka. Taste like you're drinking an ethyl alcohol wtf! It's 40% alcohol content. Sunog baga lang.

Drinking wouldn't be complete without teasing each other. And as usual, I was the topic. -_-" Asking why I don't have a bf ever, wtf! Simple. I don't like the dudes who likes me!!! It gross me out please... Then they're also teasing about my coming birthday next month wtf! Why me again!!! I don't even think about it yet. And for the record, I HATE MY BIRTHDAY!!! Other topics were look-back. Fun enough. :)

We ended the night really early, like 12:30+AM. It's a nice catch up nonetheless. Haven't drank in a long time, haven't eaten a lot in long too. Thanks Kaycee! ♥♥♥

Till next.

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