Saturday, June 23, 2012

Comfort food ♥

Nowadays, school is exciting yet stressful.
Before school started, I have been trying to reduce eating to lose some weight.
For some months of depriving myself to indulge with fatty foods,
I am now back to pigging out! YES!

I feel the "need" to eat a lot these days due to my class schedule.
Eversince school started regularly last Monday (6/18), I haven't been able to eat lunch! My stomach is either grumbling or just hurting when it's time to digest. Fyi, [if you don't know yet] our stomach's digestive system normally functions every 4hrs. I ate breakfast between 8-9am then head to school to catch my 10am class. So breakfast is my decent meal for the entire day. I just usually stuff my tummy with cupcakes/candy/biscuit and a bottle of water in class. Poor me.

Needless to say, I feel really groggy and exhausted once I reached home. [Monday is so hectic one, 10-4pm then 5-7pm [wtf], the rest til 6pm.] Then I immediately check out the kitchen and you know what's next... =)

Anyways, since i'm not into diet anymore, my recent crave/comfort food would be SPAGHETTI! *yums* It has been my favorite ever!!! =D It's loads of carbs ikr, but heck, I LOVE IT! Just thinking about it makes my saliva flow and my stomach to grumble!!! This is what I always miss in Sg. Theirs is soo taste different, very sour tomato base.

I am also a HOTDOG enthusiast! =D =D =D
I just love to eat a whole pack of it and just get addicted! I really dunno why. Maybe hotdogs got some ecstasy drug sprinkled on their meat. No wonder why kids loves them! HAHA! Spaghetti got hotdog too, Filipino-style. ^^

I also have been eating 1cup to 1 & 1/2cup of rice!! Unlike before when I was on a diet, I only eat 1/2 cup or 1cup of carb rich rice per meal. I even tried to stay away from fried foods, though I can't. Hmfts!

Hopefully, I won't get be back to chubbiness body! Cos i'm gg to kill myself once more by getting an ulcer!

So, what's your favorite "fast" food?


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