Saturday, June 16, 2012

How powerful love can be?

Like what I've mention in my previous post,
our former professor took away his own life.
I know I have no right to discuss this in www.

My apology if you find this post offensive to the late.
The story is roughly from the ppl who may just overheard the story, I wouldn't know.

My condolence to the family of the late.
Rest in Peace sir Faith. :(

He had several suicide attempts the past weeks, which made his family decide to bring him back home to better monitor his behavior.

On the night of June 12th, upon going back home with his dad and brother, sir Faith jumped off on the road from inside of a moving service vehicle. He had his head injured, he broke his skull and with internal hemorrhage and was declared dead on arrival. I'm not sure about the speed of the car, obvious enough, he landed off head first.

It was says that the reason of his suicide was DEPRESSION.
Problems have collided.
However, the mother reason is him finding infidelity from his ex gf.
[You bloody BITCH! I wish you rot in hell!]

She is younger than him, I guess just fckin 21 or 22 motherfckr.
The bitch had an affair with a fellow student.

I don't know how the late find out about this.
They have stepped on his ego and reputation!
And knowing the late's gentle character, it totally drove him mad crazy.
He loved her so much, that maybe he have envision them in the altar together or more. And just that being trashed, is really painful. Unbearable for someone who is genuine.

He was played. He was toyed. He was fooled by just two younger assholes in the world.

The world is at it's worst, trustworthy ppl are extinct.
This is no longer a world of God's people, but a place for sinners.

His friend told me that maybe, he pressured his mind from thinking of the criticisms he will get from the ppl he have worked with, the students, friends, and everyone who knows about the issue.

I personally don't know about the relationship. I was also surprised that the bitch was the gf! Not that I personally know her, but we were her senior back then. I was completely blur about her, until Kaycee showed me facebook photos of the bitch.

She's undoubtedly some pretty face. Gentle looking lady.
Never ever be fooled and mesmerized by someone's physical attributes, specially those who act naive and gentle. BEAUTY IS JUST SKIN-DEEP. It's OVERRATED!
I have heard of infidelity as the reason for most suicide deaths. But this, happening to someone I  look up to and respected, is surreal! He is a smart person, intelligent. Genuine. He is known for being conserve and gentle too.

Why do this to yourself? ='(

It's a tragic lost for the family.

I can't believe how love can over power someone's brain just like that.
Insanely scary as it can be. LOVE is indeed POWERFUL.

He may have escaped from the criticism of the ill-bred ppl, but he just made his self laughable in the future. I am sorry. Taking your own life is unforgivable than killing somebody for the reason.

On the other hand, I guess his death also serve as punishment for the bitch and asshole who have ruined his sanity. I believe that the late have done this to have his forever revenge. SERVE YOU RIGHT!

I hope that the girl will FOREVER BE HAUNTED by his memories in her dreams. I hope nothing but UNHAPPINESS in her love life and live in a miserable path. I curse her to go to HELL!!!

You deserve all the curse you will get each day! Live with that bicth!

Never play with someone's heart. For you can never tell the consequence of a broken heart.

I have always been a seeker for true love.
I don't like to play. I don't like a guy just because he likes me.
I actually don't like the guys who likes me. I don't give hope if I feel nothing.
I've no preference, I go by the guts.
When I love, I LOVED. And it scares me how powerful my heart can be.
I've been insane before, with childish love.

LOVE? What is that? -_-?

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