Friday, June 22, 2012

Social Media Marketing.

Feast on!
Miami Heat Won the 2012 NBA! *Guffaws*
You're the man Le Bron James!!! [Salute]

This is buzzing around the social media network of course. Social medias have been gaining a lot of attention from what has been the netizens are talking about, or what spurs them to talk about. The social media became a powerful way of broadcasting the daily issues/trend around the world. Therefore, product brands have been using the internet power to market / make notice of their [uh] product/service to the internet world.

Anyways. Back to Miami Heat.
I saw this photo, on my FB newsfeed that was shared multiple times.

Characters: Boy Pick-up in cap; and Lebron James.

Boy Pick-up: Are you a detergent bar?
LBJ: Why?
Boy Pick-up: Because, just by your "SMELL"...
Boy Pick-up: ...(I can tell) you're a "CHAMPION!"

Note: Champion is a known detergent bar brand in the Philippines. Filipino pick-up lines is in trend here nowadays. :)

I can say that, the brand has succesfully earned the netizen's attention here by using the "talk-of-the-town" subject, and the trending "coolness of the pick-up lines". Easy, catchy, funny, and the characters themselves (the choice of facial expressions) makes the advertisement/photo clever ftw marketing! :)

Nice job. ♥

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