Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am burning the midnight oil atm. -__-"
So so many home works that are darn long!

I just finished [well not really, I actually just stop because i can not absorb anymore and my brain met its limitation] answering my BUSINESS STATISTICS Exercise 1 that is effin bloody complex - to be sumitted tomorrow [time check 1:07am, or, so later!!!] and i still need to dig out solutions/computaions/justification of 5 more bloody equation problems wtf!

Now, I am researching for my management subject. Where it's like we gonna write a long essay, should i say a summary of chapter 1, when it hasn't discussed to us yet wtf! Self study? Just like that? Wth! Somemore we will have a long quiz about it, and I haven't reviewed/touched my book yet! T_T

Later, I gotta google about technical writing's relevance about marketing. :) I like my teacher in that subject btw!^^

Okay, enough blogging before I get sleepy and faint! URGH!
Updates on weekend!


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