Sunday, June 3, 2012

Actually, my silk-asymmetrical top from F21 is a jumpsuit! =D
It's kinda troublesome, I barely undress myself when i needed to pee! HAHA! Wtf.
So through-out that day, I dint drank a lot of water, only when i'm feeling thirsty!
Thus, I wore this just once. XD

I really like one-shoulder top's. It looks stunning to girls! Specially to skinny ones, showing off their collar bones looks darn sexy to me! I just can't help but to be dazzled by them. :) *Omy. Here comes the tomboy in me. Lol. :))

Rainy season is here! ^_^ Cozy weather makes me lazy, and want to cuddle my pillows more... ^_^
NP: Officially missing you. -Tamia


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