Saturday, June 2, 2012

School Shoe Upgraded.

Been away from blogging the past days.
I can't get off my attention from watching my Kdrama. ^.^
I've been recently falling for Love Rain.♥o♥
Mainly because the actor is Jang Geun Suk my love! lolols.

Anyways, I was gone yesterday. I accompanied my boss around.
Firstly went to see the renovation of Kindergarten School in Philrice. Then went to their Infra-Dept, and to our luck, it's the Head's birthday! And Bday means buffet! Yay! ^__^ Too bad I couldn't indulged on the foods, bcos I took my laxatea beforehand! Speaking of drinking my tea, if i only knew that boss will take me with him, I wouldn't drank my tea in the first place. =( So  I was observing my tummy the whole time! And that is freaking fretful of me. In case you know why.

Moving on, we head to Cabanatuan City to attend a bidding. The bidding time was 3pm, but we got there earlier. 1+pm. Boss went to repair his car's aircon first, while he asked me to entertain myself and go at the nearby mall. I've been wanting to go and check-out department store shoes, like what i've mentioned in previous post! [God heard me!^^] I saw 2 shoe stall, but doesn't like anything they have there. So i deliberately went to the other mall which is 15mins by jeepney away, I only have 1hr.30mins to shop!

I hurriedly brisk walked toward my shoe brand as soon i stepped inside the mall.

See.see.look.look first.

The moment I laid eyes on this shoe at Primadona, I absolutely fell in love with it! But of course, I was looking for a school shoes. This one is a freakin 6" suede, that's why i fell in love with it plus that bright color turquoise [also in magenta, yellow && black] !! DANG! I have 6" pointed-killer-heels, and it's kinda not easy to walk with. So this one, no matter how much I love it, I let it go. But i swear i'm so gonna buy one, when i have spare money!

And this is what i bought in replace to the lovely above. :) I also freak-out when I saw this one! The color is maddd love!!! Black shoe for school of course, and there goes that neon [glow in the dark] heels!!! *Super like to the tenth power! :))))))) The heels is just 5" high, and it's so comfy to walk with i swear! ^^ Bcos I'm used of 5".
It took me 5stalls before I settled with this. :) Yea I know, it's not strapped, it's not wedge, it's not nude, like what i wanted in my previous post. STILL, it's gorgeous! I know you'd agree. ^_^
I also bought 1 gray tights and 1 skin-tone too!
It's time to change tights since the "rans" of my current are pretty obvious liao.

All in all, it costs me Php1800+. Gaahhh! I almost gone crazy and wanted to spend all my money whenever i'm shopping. Good thing the spirit of "tuition fee" got in the sense else I spend it all. It took me a very very deep breath to endure spending. *Girls can relate with me here.

Wait, let's not forget the situation of my tummy.
So i get back to meet my boss. My tummy was acting strange, i kept on ignoring it but here it comes! URGH! Luckily, there is a small clothing shop nearby the aircon repair shop where my boss was, so i get there.

Me: Do u have toilet here?
FrontGuard: Yes, at the back ma'am.

I firstly walked around a little inside then look for the rest room.

Me: Where is your rest room?
FrontGuard showed me the way. Somebody was using the toilet and it's taking her long. -_-

Me: [To the backguard] Do u have tissue inside? Or do u sell tissue? [So yeah, I'm not carrying a tissue with me! Why must it be this time that i don't have it with me. =( Dafuq!]

The girl went out from the toilet. An employee who brushed her teeth that took her soo long [at least for my tummy's situation].

And you know what's next! *Hides face*
Seriously, why am I including this crap with my blog? GROSS! HAHAHA!!!

Then the flush was broke, wtf! I dunno how long it took me inside, using the dipper until somebody's knocking already. -_-" *Dies*

Me: Wait-up, the flush is broke.
Somebody: Just leave it there, I'll flushed it. I needed to use the toilet asap!
Me:Wait, wait. *Panicking*

I heard somebody was talking with the guard and asked him to bring a pail. WTF!

Somebdy: Miss, here's the pail. Use it!
Me: No need. I'm done! [Yes, I manage it using the dipper! What a saviour!]
There's no soap too, but i have sanitizer with me. HAHA!

When I got out, the guards were smirking. WTF!!! It's really embarrassing, but i did not showed flushed-face and just smiled and walk back inside the shop. Then I bought a belt! And act like nothings happened!  HAHA! It's a natural phenomenon what! How you endure it's occurrence? You tell me. =)))

As for the bidding, though it was negotiated, unexpected bidder send his bid directly to the head office and to our surprised, he won! DANG!

I knew it, I have such a jinx all a long. -_-"

And ohh, by the way. Walking back at my boss car, i bumped with Eula Jane! What a small world! She first recognize me, then gave me a huge hug! =) She was my HS classmate and it has been 7yrs(?) since i last saw her. She's a lot prettier now! ^^

Then on our way home around 5pm, it rained to heavy and thunder storms went crazy too! Haiz. Scary.


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