Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crazy Office Girl

Finally, here is the video that took me godzillion times to upload! TT^TT
I've uploaded this on 4/27/12, but got sick of it after several times of attempts to upload, so i dint blog it immediately. Anyways, it's here now! HAHAHA~ *Hurray!

This was produced on a fine, boring day alone in the office. lololols. :))
Please enjoy! This lame video was created for entertainment purpose. Hahaha!
I, myself edit the vid, basically added music and effects! :D

I hope i DID NOT bore you to death! trololols. :D

Question: Have you noticed how my face CHANGE from one look to another? Weird. I mean, i kinda look different in every side! I dunno how to describe it, HELP! Leave comment and tell me your opinion. ;)

Here are some photos i took that same day. :)
Who's looking so serious now? :))

Eeehh. Why so kiddo?  ^.^

There's sadness in my eyes.. O.o

I don't have anything to say. -_-""
Hmm. Today boss came, and gave me somethings to do. Lalalaa~
Later gonna visit Larah and baby raf. Hoho~

BTW, happy first day of May!!! \(^>^)/
I hope for the best this month! I wish summer to go away soon as it drives me mad everyday! I easily lose temper and be hot head these days. Sorry. Please let it rain, let it rain! Better yet, let it SNOW! rotfl. :))


I was heard! It rain indeed! ♥♥♥

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