Tuesday, May 29, 2012

School time is coming real quick!
Though I haven't officially enrolled yet, it's stressing me out a bit.

I'm in fret~ O.o I've no shoes yet! -__-''
Recently, I have been lusting online over NUDE shoes with ankle STRAP!!!
When i say LUST, it's like a crazy frenzy that i'd kill myself if i'm not gonna have one! Really.

I have been always a lover of killer heels. Their sexy! But I don't think this is appropriate for my daily walks at school, since the road were rough. The pointy-heel might break and scratched. I WANT this nonetheless!

Wedge will be the most ideal sky-high pair for daily dose of fashion, no doubt! It's quite comfy to wear around the campus on a daily basis without too much leg cramps from switching of classrooms. Ha! ♥

Since I can't wear killer heels for school, i'd say this thick-heeled loafers is a good one. I don't have eyes for loafers, but this one is a sure kickass! The heels isn't too high, and the heels won't get stuck-in-a-hole while walking with them. Mad love too! ♥

I've seen these shoes in an online shop. I'm a bit doubtful about the quality since pictures are very very much deceiving. I have not had the time to check-out department store shoes, since they're all located 3 towns away from my place. Urgh! What to do? I can't afford to leave work again. My boss will fire me. >_<"


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