Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finally got my fold-able BLACK ESPRIT UMBRELLA courtesy of Ken. THANKS! ♥♥♥

However this isn't gonna be a happy post.

Last night was quite saddening one. My uncle, who was recently hospitalized, made me heartbroken. :'( He did not ate the whole day and drank during the night despite of him being sick, still. We were all about to sleep when he suddenly attacked by the monster in his head, and declared pain. We were forcing him to eat and take his medicines, but he refused to no matter how hard we try.


He said, the medicines are useless that it won't take away the pain he feels since he's been taking them during hospitalization period until now. =( And I just feel like crying on the spot, but I should not show him pity cos he wouldn't like that. I told him that the medicines will not take effect immediately but is just for maintenance [with laughing tone] and yet he did not wish to listen. =(

VERTIGO, was said to be his health problem according to the MD. After hospital discharged, they [with his gf] went to seek for second opinion in an ENT Clinic. There he learnt that his illness is called TINNITUS [one form of vertigo] which can lead to hearing loss in the future. ='(

Uncle says that the ENT specialize doctor already confirmed that what he is suffering now is INCURABLE. Although he was given a drug to reduce the pain, uncle maybe dropped his hope upon hearing the consultation. 

Gaaaaaaaaaaaddddd. I CAN NOT CONTINUE writing this out anymore, it makes me cry again. ='(

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