Saturday, May 19, 2012

Three Enrollment Episodes

Whats up niggas? :))

As for me, NOTHING has been on going. HAHA!
Today I kinda feel like showing off numerous narcissism's through photos that I've taken on my 3rd enrollment attempt! HAHA! I've been mentioning about this in my previous posts.

But, how and why did it had to be 3x? [Assuming you're curious to know. lol]
To answer that, I am now warning you that this post will be BLOODY LONNNNNNNNG!!! Spare me. :)

First day. 5/8/12
Was my schedule to enroll based on the mailed notice from the university. With regards to my dramatic-heart-pouring-woes in my previous post, I thought I wouldn't be able to enroll cos I was and still broke. However, a very kind-hearted-concern-friend lend me his tangible help. :) So there. I went to my enrollment and line-up for the medical examinations the Uni has provided which cost "us" Php80. As usual, it's a bloody hot day so i'm freakin irritable through out. 

I finished my medical and lodging permit and head to College of Business Administration and Accountancy building to enroll.

Since BSBA isn't my first choice as stated from the mailed letter, the registrar did not allow me to enroll that day! They prioritize the freshmen who listed BSBA as their first choice. They have this 400 freshmen limitation for BSBA. 

I was maddd! >_<

They said if I really want to be in their college, I could go back early in the morning the ff day since they haven't reached their quota yet. I begged them to allow me, told them I am working and had my leave just for the day. They remain unconcerned and repeat the rules to me. I went home furious.

Second day. 5/9/12
I woke very early [5:30AM] to prepare. I planned to be there before 7AM for me not to lost my chance in their college since it has limited slot. I reached about 7:20AM. To my freakin disappointment, the faculty aren't there yet! Am I that early? [I went there that early to finish enrollment at least until 9AM for me not to waste a day of work.] Good thing I wasn't the earliest bird.

It's been 9AM and still no sign of faculty around. Wtf! I decided to walk around the other college building and asked for prospectus [I was having a hard time deciding of what course to take and bcos i'm fckin disgusted that it's gonna be another day of non-work for me!].

I knocked on Agricultural Engineering dept. The moment I walked in and asked for their prospectus, the 3faculty [I suppose] told me, "Mag-aaral ka ba tlga? Baka bf lang hanap mo dito? Akina lang number mo." *laughs* [translation: "Are you really going to study? Or you're just looking for a bf around here?"] I wanted to tell him, "Ang kapal ng muka. Ang tanda mo na eh!" [Translation: " What a shameless dirty old man!" lol]

Another one says, "Abah mas muka ka pang dalaga sakin ah." *laughs*  [Translation: "You even look more womanly than me!"] I felt insulted and feel like cursing their face, yet I just laughed and gave them a smile and said "At least muka pang dalaga, hindi dala na." [Translation: "At least I still look young, not wrinkled." lol]

But honestly, I wanted to yell at her for comparing herself to me when obviously she look like a mother pig herself! I just thought that my business-woman-outfit-plus-make-up made me look like professional for them to doubt on me. SHRUG! I still gave them a polite smile and greeted them goodbye after getting the prospectus I wanted! Also got BSBA 3prospectus, and BSCE. I tried to get BSChem's and DevCom's but they run out of copies. T.T

In DevCom office btw, I chatted with their Dept.head and he suggested that I should get may transcript from my previous college so I could credit some subjects and won't be a CFY after hearing my story. [I don't want to elaborate my background. Sorry. *As if you want to know?* :))] He advised me to visit the Office of the Admissions..

10AM+ went back to BSBA. Gone to 2nd floor. I paid Php100 for the student form, and paid Php350 for some student council fee. We're also required to buy the BSBA Uniform for Php850, but I said my money isn't enough that time but promised to buy next time as it is required.

I had my initial college interview for formality. Back to the registrar again, this mother pain madam told me to go for counselling at CTEC building, all shifters must see the counselor. Goddamn infuriating!!! >.< I've been walking all day with my killer-heels and again I have to walk my ass under the extreme sun!

I know its my own choice for wearing killer heels, and not bringing umbrella! -_-" Let me explain. We are required to wear business attire! I can't wear my skyhigh wedge cos it's beige and will not match my navy blue skirt and lightpurple/white longsleeve! And I've no umbrella that's why i'm freakin disappointed to my ex for not sending me an umbrella!]

So I went there. Waited for 30mins approx. Since CTEC is in the same building as OAd, i checked out the personnel to consult about my possible credentials. She told me to get Good Moral, Dismissal, and Certificate of TOR since I don't have the original one due to major personal chaos. After her ear-pain explanations she told me to come back as soon as I have those , so I decided not to enroll as CFY in BSBA and move my ass back home.

I went to my previous college (STI), and told them the things I needed. I tried to begged for them to release it all that day, but refused to. They're busy preparing for their school graduation [Wah lau! So late!] and promise me to come back on Monday [5/14/12]. Again, I went home unaccomplished. =( *burdened max! for another wasted day of "No work No pay". Dammit!

No pictures as I was deeply irritado.

Third attempt. 5/14/12
I firstly went to a photo studio to have my 2x2 photo that I needed to attach for the forms and stuffs. Then left for STI. Was there for abt an hour as they haven't touched my records yet. I paid Php300 for these documents below.

Went back at the studio to grab my pictures, paid Php80 for 4pcs set of 2x2's! :) Head back to my uni (CLSU) for the 3rd episode of my enrollment attempt! *Gasp*

Immediately walked to OAd to meet this another mother pain madam for my credentials. But WTF! She says they can only credit my NSTP since I had my Uni-subjs more than five years ago. She showed me this Uni Rules, the first two states that only modules/units taken not exceeding 5yrs ago can be credited!

To clear this out, I had my CFY way back 2005-2006 in Araullo-Uni. Then transferred to STI on 2007-2009. Since CLSU doesn't recognize non-university modules [STI is a vocational/technical school back then but a full pledge college now], I could only use my first transcript wtf! I din't argued with the madam and just walk out to BSBA.

There I met the same persons again. The prof told me that he can not just accept to credit my NSTP if I don't have a signed waver from the Dept.head of that subject! The mother pain madam in Oad din't told me that and did not gave me a form/paper for that waver! Another mother pain for me as I again needed to walk around, but this time with my skyhigh wedge, to meet the Dept.heads! Its lunch time so I killed it in an empty classroom. I dint ate lunch cos i've no companion. Endured hunger. :( I only had 1bot of water.

Almost worn-out from nonstop walks. *hayst!

 Damn tired. =| Make-up melting.

  All by my self. Feeling the classroom atmosphere. =)

 Grimace-face. XD
Obviously, pissed-off face. >.<

After lunch time, I walk and walk and walk on every department! Despite that I was advised to only get NSTP head's signature, I still insisted myself to try the other subjects to be credited!!! FIGHTING!!!!

You know, I've taken them before and it's such a BIGTIME WASTE OF TERM to repeat them again, you understand right? Come'onnnnnnnnnn...

Say, if I apply for a job in the future these repeated units will just be the same to  the employer [probably], on the other hand they might ask me why I had them repeated! And plus, employer's doesn't ask for a an excellent P.E mark, as long as you pass the medical test they will provide, RIGHT!? :D

First off to NSTP. Dammit, 1pm she went out for late lunch. [Punyeta! Que malas talga!] Went to P.E dept instead. The DH was out too! [Are you kidding me?!] Waited there until 2pm. T^T

Heavenly large mirror @ the Gymnasium. Can't resist to camwhore.
My beloved Charles & Keith shoulder bag. ♥

Walked back to NSTP [if you're a student of CLSU and is reading this, you're probably applauding now for my undying painful long back and forth walks along the campus! Thanks!^^] then I head to CAS right after. 

At Mathematics Department corridor. This huge mirror welcomed me! :)

So I had 2-NSTP, 2-P.E, 1-College Algebra, signed waver. My General Psychology is supposed to be credited as well, but my crappy TOR erroneously entered SOCSCI100 and CHEM100 both GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY as subject name! Bloody hell! She erased her signature, and told me to change the error with my crappy Araullo-Uni. URGH! After that, I walk another mile to the last department - Filipino Dept.   

Fck-face now.

Here's the deal. Unlike the other depts, the faculty gave me Filipino exam! WTF! Thank goodness it's in multiple choice!!! Immediately sat and grab a pen to answer, but the questions were BLOODY DIFFICULT like I don't remember anything about the subject anymore! [Shit man! I almost nosebleed!] I hocus-focus-mini-myni-mo the choices, and finished it within 30mins. Aaaahccckkkk!!! *backpainmuch

Out of 100 questions, I only had 47 correct answers! T____________T [See. I never liked Filipino subject!]
So i was asked to do an essay about "Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang" a verse from the bible - to passed. I don't have any idea how to write a Filipino essay!!! ='( It took me an hour to finished it. Thank God they passed me! T.T *Phew!* I paid Php50 for I dunno what. Finished @ 4:20PM.

Brisked walk back to BSBA and gave them the waver's I collected!!! At the registrar, this mother pain madam [btw she already recognize my face] said why am i such a tangle-minded and that i've been messing-up their schedule. Wtf! >.< They got my papers and told me to come back AGAIN on JUNE 6, as it is the enrollment date for transfer students.

Although I did not make it, I am happy to accomplished my credentials. Though I broke their rule. :P
Pls don't tell the OAd. *Witchlaugh. >:D

Some more camwhores of me. Hurray!!!  O=))

I told you this is super major long post! HAHAHA! Good thing i'm in the mood to blog and type this long. :)

Top:Forever21; Pants:Jag; Shoes:Rusty Lopez; Bag:Charles&Keith.

♥tin ^‿^


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