Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello mi amores! ♥ 

As related to my previous post, i have decided to take a major leap in my life which is entering college [for the third time]. But somehow, I CAN NOT DECIDE what course to take! Initially, i wanted to take-up BS Civil Engineering due to the influence of my workmates [as you may or may not know, i'm into construction job]. However, regards with the comments that i have received, engineering requires excellent mathematical skills and great imagination [for designing] are somehow made me "Ohh what the heck got in to my mind to want that course!" thought. Honestly i'm not good at numbers and not imaginative when it comes to design. *Gasp. Right now, second option is BS in Business Administration. To my surprise, this BSBA have 3 majors: Marketing Management,  Human Resource , and  Business Economics! Seriously why so hard to choose a career path!? This is killing me! Urgh! I've also consider BS in Chemistry [just because i like science and i have memorize the periodic table of elements back in HS but forget about it now, yet i'm sure can still memorize them plus it sounds like i could be a scientist? LOL. Or i could work in Oil/Petroleum Industry which is very profitable!], I've browse google for its prospectus and realize it's not what i thought it is! Holycow! I'm so baffled. -_-" On the other hand, MassCom will suit me right i think, BUT i don't foresee a future in any media outlet. Ohh gosh! Guess i just have to go with BSBA and pick among the 3Majors. I feel like i'll fall for Business Economics after reading the link. :) #sohelpmeGod. :)

My enrollment will be finalize [hopefully] this coming Monday! #justsaying.

~✿ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★✿~

BTW. I went at Larah's place the other night [5/10/12] to grab some dinner. [No other place to go except there! I've no friends in the city and that is just so lame i know~ wtf.] I was pretty excited because it's been a very long time that i haven't eaten a salted egg!^○^ Anyways, her cousin commented that [compared to the last time she saw me] i got thinner!!! trololols! :))) I love her, for saying that!♥♥♥ I've been depriving myself to indulge in food for a month and that is what i wanted to hear you blind fellows! [Just the exact word of encouragement to continue.] HAHA! I know it's so unhealthy, but i got good stamina to resist. Heehee~ But then my weight is still not ideal, i think. I'm currently 50kg! I want to be 48kg at least! *Fighting fighting!!! :O

Will you say i lose weight now?  ♥‿♥  BWAHAHA! :)))

The 3rd picture is rather old-looking. O.O
Anyhow, I look like rather squint-eyed in this photo no? lol.

Cutesy-patootsies! (◕◡◕)
Lookin cute there spongebob! HAHA!
No more long kept pictures! (^◡^)
Sorry for photo flooding! Hahaha~


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