Friday, May 18, 2012

Yesterday after work, I went to pick-up a package from my ex.

I dunno what got in to him that he suddenly thought of sending me gifts! He never gave me anything during our LDR. It kinda surprised me.

The night before, he texted me about it saying it's just an umbrella [I requested one since he want to give me something] and a pimple treatment [cos he says I always complain about my unstoppable break-outs]. I agreed to pick it up for the sake of beauty. HAHAHA! [I won't say NO if it's for pimple treatment yo!]

The package was so light, I doubt there's an umbrella inside. So I got the package and went home straight. I opened the package and to my disappointment, there is NO UMBRELLA inside as suspected!!! >_< Wtf! 

I hate it when I am expecting something but turned out its not it! URGH!

The package contains a RED MANGO TOTE BAG, A GRAY LOOSE TOP, and tiny TEA TREE OIL bottle from BODYSHOP for pimples like he said.

I'm sorry to say, but I didn't feel happy to receive the gifts cos I just fckin want an umbrella! It's more useful since i'm going back to school, and its gonna be wet season soon! Wtf. What more can i do but to complain to him! YES I COMPLAINED! Though i'm very thankful for the thoughts, I'm just not that materialistic to appreciate unexpected things. [Is that bad?]

I told him:
I like MANGO brand but I don't use tote bags anymore, that is soo high school. He said he thought i like bulky bags, so he chose that.

I like the TOP though. Its very light and comfy fabric. ^^ I can wore it as a minidress, i'll just have to put belt for shape. Or use it as a loose top with shorts or pants, i said. But dafuq?! He said he thought I am size LARGE and apologize for buying me a loose top! Grrr! It sounded like an insult to me, really. >.<

Anyways, I used the tea tree oil already after I showered that night. Kinda prickly yet cooling at the same time. Hopefully it's effective! *fingerscrossed.

He promise to give me an umbrella for my birthday. I AM HOPING HE WILL THIS TIME!
In case you've read this, THANK YOU AGAIN!


Something bad happened last night too. [5/17/12 @ 9PM]
My uncle was taken to the hospital. =(
The time I got home in the afternoon, he was looking pale. They already went for check up though. He was HIGH BLOOD. The MD advice him to rest and don't eat any hard food for the night to ready him for medical examinations today.

I went to church in the evening and got home quarter to 8pm.
He was still sick and feeling very groggy. My other uncle was there [Larah's dad] when I arrived. I think they just waited for me to come home. Altogether they went at the hospital to check my uncle's blood pressure again.

They left me alone. They were gone for almost an hour.

My other uncle went back at the house and told me that, my uncle was advise to be confined bcos his BP doesn't seem to be normal but keeps on increasing! The doctor says a vein might broke if it continues. So they need to monitor his BP and asked him to confine himself. I was like, Oh my God. ='(

After hearing that, I got worried suddenly.
In my bed i felt a bit shaky. I was thinking bad things like what if he is seriously ill, what if he got cancer, and what if he'll die. =(( [You can not get off this things in mind with sudden situation like this, spare me.]

I dunno how will I live if he pass-away. Seriously. I'm neither close with my parents. And I am still dependent to him for the past 7yrs. [Aunt passed away January 2011 due to ovarian cancer btw.]

This morning, uncle called me to visit him at the hospital [I was at work] cos he want me to do errands for him. I went. I saw him laying, in dextrose and visibly very weak. He spoke so weak and still dizzy. That's the first time I saw him like that, helpless. =(

After a short while, I left and went back to work. :(

I am the kind of person who doesn't easily show emotion. I look like I don't give a damn to anything. I act selfish. Looking always annoyed or something. Ingrata in other words.

But in my heart, I hope and pray that he will recover soon and nothing more serious will happen. I pray that he is not seriously ill, and will go back to his normal health soon! This is the first time he got confined in the hospital. [He's always a strong man and never complains about his health.] I'm just thankful that his gf was here when he needed her. I feel sorry that i'm no use of any help or support around him. This feeling sucks. T.T

Please get well soon. :'(


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