Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Last Sunday, a colleague texted me. She's borrowing money [Php5000] from me. [Can anyone tell me how to erase the  "mayaman ako" tag in my forehead?] I don't know why ppl mistake me as somewhat rich girl, or a girl who never gets broke! Wa lau! Anyways, I asked her when does she needed it because i've no enough cash atm. She swore to pay me back within the first week of June. #fingerscrossed I'm sure though, it will past my enrollment sched. *Gasp.

The story was, she's supposed to fly back to Sg some time two weeks ago but left by the plane! The reason was because of the lousy Immigration officer who held her at the Immigration office for some checks and interview, after their long wait they [she was with her sundo who, I think, will act as her bf] were released! But it was too late, that the flight was closed for boarding already. ='( 

So now, she is again schedule to fly May 30 according to her. She needed extra money because the first flight was wasted, so the supposed to be pocket/show money was used to buy another ticket for her and the "bf". She is resourcing now for the show money, she needed in case asked by the lousy immigration.

I agreed to lend her my very last wealth which is supposed to pay my tuition on June 6! Actually, from 8k, my last notes are down to 3k now! I also wonder why! O.o So I've listed every penny i've spent the past week, and yea, I dint lost any thing but just spent quite frequent! So there.

Since she needed 5k, I need to figure out where to get the remaining 2k [OMG! I'm playing such a charitable person despite of me being poor! God should count this as a good deed! Ha!] and my last resort is to change my very last S$100 today! ='( [I'm keeping it for emergency purpose, but now I have to change it to comply with my promise. I thought of borrowing to my uncle, but I was shy to ask.] Oh well. I'm such #afriendtokeep forever. Lololols!!!

After lunch today, I'm going to change the money and deposit it to her account and go back to my office. I wonder if she will pay off the "extra" expenses like fare and deposit charge. Haha! But she is a very nice girl, even though i don't know her that much, the short times I was with her is sure to prove that she is a real fella. =) #fingerscrossed

The ff day (Monday), Shyne also drop me a msg and is ALSO borrowing money. Gaaaaaaddd! ='( SERIOUSLY, do i have to wear ragged/ripped clothes to convince everyone i'm broke? Haiz. But because i've already compromised to Zarah, i've nothing left to give to Shyne. Sorry! I called her, and we yak over. We ended up to "she teasing me to who" which is so impossible to happen. HAHA! :))

Oh btw, I'm also gonna pick-up another package sent by my ex again. This time, it's a sure umbrella yo! =)

My funny eye lashes. ~^_^~
The photos were afar from the topic, placed just to add color on this post! (//^>^)//

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