Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm gonna flood pictures that I took with Larah during their gig last Monday! :)
This might take few minutes to load...
You may browse your facebook first then come back later. *Joke.
Don't leave! I'm so happy you're here!!! =^‿,^=

First attempt. Larah's face - failed. lols. :)) [Yelling at the person behind the cam.] HAHA!

☆★ Now it comes out right! :) ☆★
 Forgive our massive arms!
And another one! HAHA! We look so sweety pies, ain't we? ♥‿♥

Welcome to Larah's home sweet home! \(^  ^)/

Larah doing her make-up! 

Shimmering Eye-shadow set! Goodness~ ^3^

My attempt shot to group pic! Fail. T.T

We asked somebody to take over instead. [Me.Larah.Mimi] ♥
Larah and Mimi were the band's resident vocalists! Isn't that cool? I wanna be a singer too! HAHA!

♥ Bff / Cousins / Sisters ♥

☆★ Just me camwhoring. ☆★

Is my photo editing an eyesore? I think I over do the color saturation! But in my laptop it looks perfectly fine! I guess my desktop color resolution is set too high cos the photos were fuzzy yet vivid! Oh wtf.

Let me show you our non-edited whatsoever photo of us bare face! ≧▽≦

But this photo isn't recent! Bwahaha! See the printed date. :))

We went at the venue 6pm. We need to get there early bcos setting up the stage, instruments, lightning, sounds, and the like, took forever to set-up! Joke. Just 2hrs approx. Then had our dinner at the Brgy.Captain's house. I pigged-out again! Damn. All viands were yummy pork dish! Wtf! The show started around 8pm. I was just basically taking their photos while their performing up on stage. I went home almost 12am. Despite of the whole day of tiredness, I dint fell asleep easily. And btw, on the same day I had my 3rd enrollment attempt. I was at my university walking around every department to ask for the Dept.Head credited subject approval. You couldn't imagine how haggard I was that day. My make-up was melting, and walking with my skyhigh-wedge ain't easy. *Yea i go for fashion over comfort. What's new? Haha!

♥tina ^‿^


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